The progress of the Russian army's 10000 ton drive has not been built yet, and 055 Chinese ships are lagging behind.

The progress of the Russian army's 10000 ton drive has not been built yet, and 055 Chinese ships are lagging behind.

Push again! Russia's ten thousand tonnage ships may be "built in backward"

The Procrastination of the Russian navy to build large surface ships has been committed again. According to Russian media, as a result of the large amount of arrears in the defense budget, the large destroyers of the ten thousand tons "leader" level and the latest high tonnage "storm" nuclear carrier in Russia may be delayed by 2035. The two "whales" were originally planned for construction in 2020 and 2019 respectively, and the Russian navy is ready to receive the carrier at the end of 2030. This is not the first time that Russia has postponed the construction of ships. Since 2014, almost every year Russia has heard the news of building and postponing construction.

Military expert Li Jie pointed out that Russia now does not have the strength, financial resources, manpower and technology to build large aircraft carriers.

After the Crimea war in 2015, the Russian economy was sanctioned by the West and the economic strength of the country was greatly weakened. Under the limited defense funds, the Russian military made a strong nuclear deterrent to the western countries such as the United States, and continued to compress conventional weapons, such as aircraft and surface ships, and turned to the sarmate missiles. The development of equal nuclear weapons.

The Soviet Union had a powerful navy of second in the world, but in the last 30 years the cold war ended, in addition to the construction of a 5000 ton rank of "Gore SCoV" frigate, there were no more than medium large ships. "For decades, Russia will not be able to build large naval vessels with infrastructure, technology and talents." Li Jie explained that there were no decent aircraft construction plants and large warship construction factories; two was shipyard and crane, and other ships were not complete; three, after the end of the cold war, the high level ship designers, technicians, engineers and workers in the Soviet period, especially the electric welders, and four were Western countries. The advanced concept and technical blockade of Russia's weaponry and equipment will increase the difficulty of its naval construction.

Li Jie pointed out that this is the first time that the Russian attempt to build a 13 thousand ton destroyer and a super 80 thousand ton aircraft carrier, and the plan to push, not to say "delusions" can be said to be "Crazy".

"Generally speaking, the tonnage of an aircraft carrier has a direct connection with the number of carrier aircraft, the greater the tonnage, the more shipboard aircraft that can be carried and stored, so that the comprehensive operational capability of the aircraft carrier will be enhanced, and the operational tasks such as early warning aircraft, combat aircraft, helicopter, anti submarine aircraft and electric sub war aircraft will be completed under the conditions of ejection take-off. "." Li Jie said that the greater the tonnage of the destroyer, the more various kinds of weapons such as missiles can be carried, which directly determines the strength of the ship's firepower and its escort capability. For example, China's 055 destroyers are loaded with about 12 thousand and 500 tons of displacement, which can carry more than 110 missiles, while more than 7000 tons of 052D destroyers can carry only more than 60 missiles.

People who know the relevant performance indicators of "leader" destroyers may find that they are similar to the 4 Chinese 055 destroyers launched in recent years. The tonnage of the two is up and down at 13 thousand tons, and the second is a comprehensive multi-purpose warship, which has the functions of air defense, anti missile, anti ship, anti submarine and electronic warfare. In contrast, the "leader" class destroyer focuses on air defense. However, the power system of the leader class destroyer is nuclear power plus gas turbine, which is unique. "At present," Li Jie said, "leaders' destroyers are a more advanced destroyer. If they are completed in a few decades, the improvement ratio of the 055 destroyer will be lagging behind, because the next generation of 055 destroyers in China will be greatly raised."

The "storm" nuclear powered aircraft carrier is roughly the same class carrier as the "enterprise" nuclear powered aircraft carrier, which has been launched in 1961. The tonnage is eighty thousand or ninety thousand tons, and the number of carrier aircraft is equal. If the Russian "storm" carrier was built in 2035, it was 70 years behind the United States, and the Russian plan was likely to change. If the Russian economy did not recover, the US economic sanctions would not be lifted and the construction plan could be delayed again, it was hard to say that it would be built on schedule in 2035. In addition, even if the two ships are built and served, it will take at least 20 to 30 years to master the core technology.

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