3 women attendants who were disturbed by neighbours in the United Airlines: talk to him.

3 women attendants who were disturbed by neighbours in the United Airlines: talk to him.

Original title: women sitting on the United Airlines sleep repeatedly suffered sexual harassment next door, but also refused to stop.

According to the daily mail 10, Anne Dowling, a woman from the state of Colorado, has recently accused the United States of unprotected sexual harassment by intoxicated passengers. The reason was that in 2016, her flight from Hongkong to San Francisco was harassed on the way from Hongkong to San Francisco, while the airline had been perfunctory to protect the rights of passengers.

According to the legal document, Dowling was promoted from economy class to first class before boarding, and the man next to him was Monte Debl (47 years old), a FedEx pilot in charge of transportation. On the way, the crew provided the man with at least three to four vodka drinks, and he also took sleeping pills. The man left his seat on the way and told the flight attendant Eva Yu: "I've been away from home for two months. I miss my wife very much, and I'm very hungry now." Then he was asked to return to his seat.

When the conductor turned off the lights in the cabin, Dowling went to sleep. When she woke up, she found the man next to her hand on her lap. She removed the man's hand and went to sleep.

When she woke up for the second time, she found that the man was touching her thighs and buttocks, and even trying to put her hand into her trousers. Dowling screamed, "stop!" The man put his hand back. Dowling scolded him for what he was doing, and the man just smiled at her strangely.

When Dowling woke up for third times, the man tried to touch her lower body and masturbate under the blanket. Dowling got up in a panic and found the flight attendant to tell the situation and asked for a change of seats, but the attendant told Dowling that there were no other vacancies on the plane. Despite repeated insistence by Dowling, the flight attendant just told Dowling to let her talk to the man himself. Under the helplessness, Dowling found the head of the flight attendant. Finally, Dowling changed from the original seat 8D to 8G. Nevertheless, Dowling sat in the same row with the man. After that, the men continued to harass Dowling even after they got off the plane and kept getting close to Dowling asking why she had to change seats.

In December 5, 2016, Wedl, a criminal man, was prosecuted in the Federal District Court in North District of California. In June 7th, second years, he was acquitted.

Just last week, Dowling filed a civil lawsuit again and filed a claim against Wedl and United Airlines for $75000. She complained that Wedl's "salted pig hand" had hurt and offended her. At the same time, she will also investigate the liability of the United States airlines to provide passengers with excessive alcohol on the way, and not take precautions to prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment after the Wedl unfolds the inappropriate behavior. According to the Montreal treaty, United Airlines needs to be responsible for the neglect of the injured passengers.

Legal documents show that Dowling was tortured in the event and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Since June 2017, Dowling has been unable to shoulder the pain of whole day insomnia, nightmares and anxiety, and began to seek psychological counselling.

From Wedl's social network, Wedl came from Minnesota, graduated from the University of North Dakota's Aeronautical Science and system management major, and worked in FedEx for 17 years. He has been married to his wife for 18 years and has a daughter.

In this regard, netizens also commented: "it is too outrageous! I haven't been on the United Airlines flight for several years. They're just a disaster. " "If I take the United Airlines to heaven and earth!" "Considering that it was on United Airlines, she was lucky not to be dragged off the plane."

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