When he was 2 years old, he was adopted by a Holland couple to a 18 year old girl who went back to Guizhou to find relatives in Zunyi.

When he was 2 years old, he was adopted by a Holland couple to a 18 year old girl who went back to Guizhou to find relatives in Zunyi.

Original title: when he was 2 years old, he was adopted by a Holland couple to cross the sea to visit relatives in Zunyi.



Guizhou Metropolis Daily News, 18 years ago, a baby girl was abandoned in Sha Ba village in Zunyi city. After picking up, she was sent to the welfare home in Hong Hua Gang to be brought together with the police. When she was 2 years old, she was adopted by a good Holland couple.

But from the age of 4, she knew that she was different from her father, mother, brother and sister, and she had been buried in the question of who I was. In order to solve her troubles, her father took her to Zunyi, China in July 10th.

The Holland couple adopted her

At 3:30 p.m. on the 10 day, the reporter was in a hotel lobby in Zunyi ring road. She saw the girl who went from Holland to Zunyi to seek her relatives. She joined her, and her father and an accompanying person, Tao Ping, from Holland.

"Neither father nor daughter can understand or speak Chinese. I am their interpreter." Tao Ping said that the girl's Chinese name is Wang Feng, aged 18.

According to the data, Wang Feng was born in August 2, 2000 and was born 3 days ago. He was abandoned in the yellow mud ditch in Sha Ba village, Changzheng Town, Zunyi city. After the road's good people picked it up, she was sent to the red flower district children's welfare home with the police. The name of Wang Feng was taken by welfare workers.

Later, in order to better take care of Wang Feng, the welfare house sent Wang Feng to a good hearted citizen's home.

In October 28, 2002, Wang Feng, more than 2 years old, was adopted by Daniel and his wife from Holland and went to Holland across the sea.

"Who am I" has been buried in the bottom of my heart

When he arrived in Holland, Wang Feng and Daniel lived together in a small city in the north of Amsterdam, called the town of veranda, with the care of his parents and his brother and sister, and Wang Feng lived a happy life.

According to introducing, Daniel is 53 years old this year. He is a shopkeeper engaged in electrical appliances sales, and has 4 children with his wife. Wang Feng is the fifth child of his family.

"Wang Feng was 4 years old, holding me and my wife standing in front of the mirror, asking why they were different from my father, mother, brother and sister." Daniel said with a smile.

A few years later, Wang Feng grew up and sensible, and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel felt that she should tell her the life of her daughter: "baby daughter, you are Chinese, and your hometown is in Zunyi, Guizhou, far away China..." After experiencing a brief mood swings, Wang Feng accepted it calmly. At this time, she has been fully integrated into the life of Holland in the heart has always had a desire: "to look back to Zunyi, find their own parents, find out who they are!"

Daniel also said that Wang Feng, who was a young girl, was watched by a local martial arts coach and led her to learn martial arts. In 2009, she won the championship at an International Wushu competition.

At present, Wang Feng has graduated from high school. In September this year, he will go to university. During this summer vacation, Daniel decided to take his daughter back to Zunyi to find roots.

During the exchange, the reporter was told that Wang Feng had studied Chinese specially for his visit to his relatives. "Chinese is too difficult to learn, only to say a few simple words." Wang Feng said with a smile, "Hello!" "Goodbye!" Wait a few words.

"Not to blame the parents"

"What do you say to your biological parents?" The reporter asked, Wang Feng hesitated for a while, said she would not blame her parents for abandoning her, but wanted to see how her parents had been.

Tao Ping said, in order to help Wang Feng find his parents, a few days ago, he had got contact with the red flower district welfare home. On the 11 day, he will take Wang Feng to the welfare home to see if some clues to find relatives can be found.

"We also produced more than 100 search posters, ready to go to Sha Ba Village Huang Gou ditch, let everyone join her in search of relatives." Tao Ping said. Reporters saw that in addition to a small number of descriptions of posters, there are 4 pictures of Wang Feng from childhood to today.

"Wang Feng is also required to take blood samples and find out through DNA comparison." Tao Ping said.

Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily

Editor in responsibility: Wu Jinming

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