Tesla super factory located in Shanghai port will be formally put into operation in 2020?

Tesla super factory located in Shanghai port will be formally put into operation in 2020?

Source: Daily Economic News

Daily economic news reporter Zhao Cheng, daily economic news intern reporter Huang Xinxu

"The location of Tesla factory has been basically talked about, and the formalities are easy to finish. The following Shanghai government should do environmental assessment report. It may take some time to build a factory alone. In addition, Tesla has a supply chain system and a sample car to apply for production qualifications. It will probably finish the series by the end of 2019 and will be officially launched in 2020. Model Y and Model 3 will be the first domestic models. " Tian Yongqiu, a well-known car commentator, told the daily economic news reporter.

It is worth noting that Tesla (Shanghai) Limited is also the first wholly owned car company set up in China after relaxing the restrictions on foreign investment in the automotive industry.

In June 28th of this year, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce formally issued the special management measures for foreign investment access (the negative list) (2018 Edition), which formally abolished the restriction on the foreign shares of new energy vehicles, and has been implemented since July 28, 2018.

According to "finance and economics" report, this is only the signing ceremony of the agreement between Shanghai and Tesla, which has not yet been taken. But Tian Yongqiu thought that the land had been basically settled, followed by other issues.

According to the agreement, Shanghai will actively support the Tesla company in Shanghai set up research and development, manufacturing, sales and other functions of Tesla and electric vehicle research and development innovation center, to promote the transformation of innovative technology results, accelerate the process of globalization, boost the development of high-end manufacturing in Shanghai and speed up the construction of world-class cars. The industrial center provides strong support for achieving global excellence and achieving win-win cooperation.

According to the former foreign media, as an important member of the earliest two super battery plants, the Panasonic Corp has said it is considering the establishment of a super battery factory in China by co operating with the terrace. And musk said that Tesla's Chinese factory will be established within three years, when Panasonic may participate in battery and vehicle production.

It is noteworthy that this time Tesla settled in Shanghai, Lingang chose to enter into a delicate time point between China Germany and Sino US trade friction. A car analyst who declined to be named said: "this time point is not chosen by Tesla, but decided by the Chinese government. For Tesla, it wants to build a factory in China. Now, Tesla chooses to sign at this time point, indicating that the Chinese government is open to the outside world, and China does not want trade frictions. "

Domestic demand in China is strong

In fact, since 2015, Tesla's homemade rumors in China have appeared. Shanghai Jinqiao Group, Shanghai electric, Shanghai port and other Shanghai local enterprises, as well as Changan, Jianghuai and other car enterprises have passed "gossip" with Tesla, but are denied by the parties.

Last year, Tesla officials made it clear that China's domestic plan would be determined before the end of the year. By May this year, musk also revealed that before the fourth quarter of this year, Tesla will announce the specific address of second super battery factories, which will be built in China.

In fact, Tesla has strong demand for domestic products in China.

"First of all, Tesla sales in our country to pay import tariffs, especially in the United States now import car tax rate has been up-regulated; secondly, from foreign imports into China, Tesla has a large amount of cost in storage, logistics and other links, and domestic can reduce these costs." One industry analyst pointed out.

In July 7th, a salesman at the Tesla experience center told the daily economic news reporter, "after the implementation of the new import tariff policy in July 6th, we have raised the guidance price."

It is worth noting that our country is giving strong support to new energy vehicles, and the "double integral" policy has been officially landed, and many car companies are facing greater pressure. If Tesla is made in China, it can also get extra "income" by selling points.

In this regard, the industry has pointed out that landing China, the world's largest new energy vehicle market, will help Tesla profitable early.

In addition, Tesla has been constrained by capacity, which is also a major reason for its rush to build a factory in China. In early July 2017, the first Model 3 was downloaded at Tesla's Fremont plant. According to the deliverability schedule given by musk at that time, after the first 30 vehicles were delivered, Tesla's production will be exponentially increased in accordance with 100 vehicles in August, 1500 in September and 20 thousand in December, until the completion of 2018. Since then, Tesla has postponed the delivery of Model 3 to the end of the second quarter.

"Tesla has been planning for domestic production, because Model 3 faces capacity problems, needs to expand capacity, and also needs Chinese and European investment to maintain Tesla's share price, a series of reasons for its need to build factories in China as soon as possible, just because the impact of Sino US trade friction has slowed this pace." Tian Yong autumn told the daily economic news reporter.

At the same time, the huge consumption potential of the Chinese market has made Tesla's factory building plan speed up. Some people in the industry believe that Tesla can make a real catfish if it can be made domestically, which will impact the domestic new energy vehicle market.

However, it is worth noting that, after the Tesla super factory has settled in Shanghai, how to solve the problem of the production and sales of new energy vehicles will be the focus of the industry.

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