Ban Nong urged Australia to fight against China.

Ban Nong urged Australia to fight against China.

Original title: headlines, ban farmers urged Australia to fight against China's "face" Australian media: do not listen to hysterical words.

Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who recently interviewed the Sydney Morning Herald, claimed that Australia was at the forefront of the conflict with China. He said: "I think Australia has been caught in a protracted war, and it will determine whether the western countries can defend their sovereignty against China." Ban Nong accused China of turning Australia into its "economic colony".

This interview was published in July 9th. In the interview, ban Nong cautioned that Australia had committed a "ruly" error to China. Ban Nong urged Australia to "wake up" like the United States.

However, the Sydney Morning Herald clearly disapproved of Ban's opinion. The newspaper pointed out that Australia's trade situation is quite different from that of the United States. Trump lamented that the US trade deficit with China amounted to hundreds of billions of dollars, while Australia's annual trade with China had a huge surplus. Now, Trump is preparing to further trade sanctions against China, and ban Nong has unequivocally supported this strategy. In the newspaper's opinion, ban Nong is now the coach and consultant of the populism movement around the world.

In July 10th, the newspaper, published in the editorials of "disregarding the hysteria of the country on the issue of China," again stressed that if the proposal of the bank meant a sharp exasperate anger in China, Australia should not pay attention to it.

The editorial said that ban Nong was no longer in the White House, but his remarks made people worry about the idea of the White House.

Editorials argue that Australia did not wage war with China - neither in real sense nor in economics, Australia did not want to wage war with China.

The editorial said that Australia has benefited from exporting goods to China, receiving Chinese investment and accepting Chinese students. In addition to economic factors, Australia also needs to work with China to solve all kinds of problems from the Korean Peninsula nuclear tensions to the South Pacific development assistance.

Editorials say Australia has proved that Australia's policy of compliance is not a burden, but the only way to deal with China.

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