The old man fell on the street and asked to go to the hospital.

The old man fell on the street and asked to go to the hospital.

Original title: the old man fell on the street and asked to go to the hospital.

They all say "men have gold under their knees". Kneeling at strangers in the eyes of Chinese people is a matter of dignity. Can you understand this behavior if you fall down on your knees and pray for forgiveness because you are afraid of being compensated?

Hangzhou 19 floor forum netizen @ star pick Ke broke the news:

Around eight ten yesterday morning, on the side of Huanglong Century Square, a friend passed by and saw a car battery owner kneeling at the old man. I thought it was a woman who had hit the old man, but it seemed as if it didn't bump into the breakfast. The old man fell in a panic, and I saw that the old man had been scratched in his hands.

Then the old man asked for an apology to go to the hospital, and the girl actually knelt down and asked for it.

Passers-by said to give 200 good, women feel 200 high, want to bargain, say no cash, ask the breakfast shop to change money.

Everyone persuaded her to go to the hospital so much money, it also delayed time.

The woman said she had to bring her baby back to work, and there were elderly people in her family.

I don't know how much it has been given at the end. Because I left first, I didn't know how to solve it in the end.

Well, no matter whether it is riding an electric car, driving or walking, everyone should pay attention to safety. Time, money, health and life are all important.

As for kneeling, some people may feel that they do not understand, not 200 yuan, and hasten to solve the problem. But some people also understand the mother, perhaps one hundred or two hundred people are very hard, bruising the old people especially regret, these two hundred pieces of especially not easy, just just poked her excited point.

The landlord saw this scene in the streets of Hangzhou.

Use a mobile phone to record it down on the forum.

A young woman,

Kneeling down to a white haired old man,

Many netizens were shocked by such a scene

Kneel down,

In the traditional Chinese concept,

It means obedience under the hierarchy.

It is a negation of self dignity.

Kneeling down for 200 dollars.

Is it worth the value?

The netizen has quarreled!


Some netizens think

Everyone's living in a different situation.

Maybe she felt that she was on her knees to forgive.

More important than dignity

Hot comments on netizens:

@ small wood day: go to a hospital to check, make a total of one thousand do not come, 1 thousand may be a month's living expenses. So kneel to forgive, life is not easy.

@ Barra: women have little old age, hard to earn money, must live very hard, hear the old man asked to go to the hospital, she has no money and no time, but also to make money to take care of the children, and panic and rush to kneel down.

@aiyawawa: she may be the bottom of the society, the rich people do not know the pain of no money, and now this accident to the hospital to check no one thousand blocks may not be able to go.

Where do you go? It's estimated that you are in a panic. The woman says she needs to bring her baby back to work, and there are elderly people at home. It's not easy either. Life is not easy to go out in the summer to pay attention to safety, rush hour battery car brush over, can press the horn is good, if you do not press, suddenly through, in case you don't see it hit.

And some people think

The woman has caused the old man to fall down

Should take responsibility

Not to say that kneeling can be solved

Hot comments on netizens:

@ little rain: not kneeling and rational, she did the wrong thing to take on the responsibility of her own, she kneeling down may be also a vent on his inner feelings, and did not say that he did not have to take responsibility on his knees.

Dudu mother: can't you see the retrograde car racing to frighten the old man? Because she fell down on her knees and thought she was miserable. Did she lose money when she fell down? Why don't you have any old people in your family?

@ 55: the way of kneeling is not advisable. Then everyone will kneel down and beg for mercy when they encounter problems. The children see how to think, and then the difficulties should have a good way to solve it, to do a poor way to kneel really bad ~ also to buy a lesson, now electric cars really ride too fast, often see the passer-by.

"Xiao Qi: riding a flying car by himself, he was frightened to fall and fell on his knees. It was a pitiful person to have a hated place. I saw several times like this. I kneel into a wind. It seems that the people who are poor on their knees must be sympathized with.

@ better tomorrow: know life is not easy, know that there are old and small, so when cycling, slow down, do not go retrograde. Today, luckily, she only frightened the old man. If he bumped into the old man, if he was hit by a motor vehicle, then he would kneel for the king of hell.

Some netizens put forward a rational solution

Call the police to make clear the responsibility of the traffic police

If it is the responsible party,

Should be sent to the hospital for examination

Still have to deliver

Hot comments on netizens:

@ I hi County: I would rather take people to the hospital for examination. If I have the responsibility, I will take the responsibility. Nothing is better than anything.

I also feel that I should alarm, call the police first, and go to the hospital is not a few hundred dollars, unless a very sensible old man. But it seems very difficult. It is also responsible for a woman riding a bike to frighten the old man. At the beginning, it is not an old man's unreasoned and incongruity. What is the matter, not the party, is the guess.

@ Wei jera: in this case, the police will be warned if the money is wrong, so that the traffic police can judge the primary and secondary responsibilities. The other is to ride an electric vehicle retrograde (from the picture is retrograde) so arrogant, bumping into people is like a turtle son. If the old man forgives, the probability of riding on the electric dragon is the same as that of the dragon.

Some netizens share their personal experience of hitting the old man:

Once encountered similar things, did not hit, but the fifty or sixty year old man in the motorway to hide the car himself fell, hand broken skin, I did not want to send her to the hospital so much, think to see the important, the old people do not speak, to the child to call, the hospital did a whole body inspection, the late, all hung an emergency. The time is faster, the general check is fine, and the last two thousand dollars leave. I don't know what to say. After that, the way I want to be a good person should be changed.

Source: Dahe newspaper

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