2 rain crocodile missing in Chengdu: Official: Baby escape

2 rain crocodile missing in Chengdu: Official: Baby escape

Original title: net transmission heavy rain shatter the wall 2 crocodiles "run away" Chengdu PI Du District: baby is good, no prison break

Continuous heavy rain is testing the city's grass and trees. No, even the animals are beginning to move.

"The Chengdu wildlife rescue station collapsed due to heavy rain, and two crocodiles in the ambulance station were suspected to be missing." On the morning of July 11th, a news about "missing" crocodile disappeared in Changle village, PI Du District, sparked concern on the Internet. The content of the news showed that agricultural and forestry, public security and street organizations had been notified of the search and rescue efforts to prevent mass injuries.

Then the cover news reporter contacted the relevant departments to understand that 2 adult crocodile suspected the disappearance of the wall because of the heavy rain and the closure of the nearby drainage ditch. At 12 a.m., 2 suspected missing crocodiles were found in Changle village, PI street. One of them was found in the station and the other was being searched.

Under the full search and rescue of the relevant personnel, soon after the Forest Public Security Bureau searched for confirmation, another crocodile was also found. "All two crocodiles are at the ambulance station. The baby is very honest, and there's no prison break. " People in PI Du District said, please rest assured that we will further strengthen management in the future.

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