2 children in Zhenxiong, Yunnan, were suspected to have been buried by "rubbish mountain".

2 children in Zhenxiong, Yunnan, were suspected to have been buried by

Original title: Yunnan Zhenxiong two children missing, suspected to be buried in the garbage Hill buried

In July 11th, netizens in Yunnan revealed that two children in Yunnan Zhenxiong county were missing and suspected to have been buried by "garbage mountain" in Zhenxiong county. The cover news reporter from the Zhenxiong County Committee of Yunnan confirmed that the government was organizing staff in the garbage dump in the county of the county to find two children missing a day ago.

A police station on duty in Hua Shan township police station told reporters that at present, it is not sure that two missing children are in the garbage dump, the police station and the County Public Security Bureau are in the field of search and rescue.

According to Miss Luo, the missing child, two children are two brothers, "10 years old, five grade primary school, 10 years old, three grade". In July 10th, the two brothers went out for a whole day without returning.

In the evening, when family members called the police, relatives and friends were also searched. In the process of finding out, some villagers saw that two children had been in the "Huashan Stone Forest garbage dump" near their home 10 minutes before noon, and they were playing with toys in the garbage dump.

"Just after noon, the garbage dump collapsed." The garbage dump is a natural pits, fifty or sixty meters deep and a few acres wide, Ms. Luo said.

Mr. Zhou, the father of the missing child, told the cover news reporter that the child had not yet been found at 15 p.m. on the 11 day. The government was organizing the excavator to repair the road so that large machinery could come into the rescue because of the excessive garbage and no road to the garbage.

Vice Minister Li Propaganda Department of Zhenxiong county Party committee replied to the cover news reporter by text message. "We are looking for it, and we will tell you the first time we get results."

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