The US army began to dismiss the immigrant soldiers when they joined the army.

The US army began to dismiss the immigrant soldiers when they joined the army.

The The Associated Press reported on July 3rd that the The Associated Press learned that in the near future, some army reserve servicemen and recruits who had immigrant status were suddenly disbanded. They were granted a promise to become citizens of the United States when they joined the army.

The report said The Associated Press was unable to quantify how many men and women recruited through this special conscription program, but immigration lawyers said they had learned that more than 40 people had been disbanded or identified as problems, which made their future worried.

A civil liberties organization said in a lawsuit in June 28th that the Trump administration's policy of asking green card holders to pass the background investigation before starting military service was discriminatory and made hundreds of enlisted people fall into a situation of identity.

The figure is an emigrant in the US Navy

Some of the officers said they were not told why they were dismissed. Other people eager to know the answer said the army told them that they were labeled as safety risks because they had relatives abroad, or because the Ministry of defense did not finish their review of their background.

The report quoted the defense department and the army spokesman as saying that because the lawsuit had not yet ended, they were unable to explain the demobilization or to answer questions about whether there was any policy change in any military department.

According to the commentary, qualified recruits need to have legal status in the United States, such as student visas before enlisting in the army. In 2016, more than 5000 immigrants were recruited into the scheme, and now about 10 thousand immigrants are in the army. Most of them went to the army, but some of them went to other services.

In order to become an American citizen, the service personnel need to win the title of honorary serviceman, so long as he stays in the training camp for a few days, he can get the title. But the basic training of the recently dismissed service personnel has been postponed, so they can not enter the US.

Since the U. S. Defense Secretary Matisse ordered an extra background survey on non citizen soldiers, the number of soldiers who have applied for military service and obtain American citizenship has dropped by 65%.

In recent years, with the increasing number of postponement of naturalization, some lawyers have been fighting for their naturalization qualifications for the recruited recruits. Some have succeeded, and nearly 50 new recruits obtained a temporary identity when their background investigation was not yet completed. (compiling / Long Jun)

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