Japanese media: Ningde will build its first overseas factory in Germany.

Japanese media: Ningde will build its first overseas factory in Germany.

[global network technology reporter Wang Huan] according to "Japanese economic news" reported in July 11th, the world's largest pure electric vehicle (EV) battery enterprise, China's Ningde era new energy technology (the Ningde era, CATL) decided to build the first overseas factory in Thuringia, Germany. The investment is expected to be more than 100 billion yen. As a Chinese star enterprise, it passed Panasonic in 2017 and became the largest battery company in the world. In the future, sales of pure electric vehicles are expected to expand in the European market, so large investments will be made in Germany.

The leaders of the Ningde era met with local government officials in July 9th and formally signed the factory building agreement.

Specifically, we will build a lithium ion battery factory for pure electric vehicles and start production in 2021. By 2022, the 14 gigawatts production system was formed through the plant, which exceeded the global supply volume (12 GW) in the whole Ningde era in 2017. 600 new people will be hired.

In addition to BMW (BMW), which has received a large number of orders, it will also supply pure electric vehicle batteries to the German Volkswagen, German Daimler, the Jaguar Land Rover motor (JLR) and the French Peugeot group (PSA).

The Ningde era has been a concern for unicorns. At the same time, it is one of the fast growing enterprises that have just been established in 2011 and listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in June 2018. The total market value is now up to about 157 billion yuan.

As the world's largest company, battery supply and technology in the Ningde era will become the key to the popularity of the world's pure electric vehicles.

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