US experts warn that active US forces returning to Taiwan will cross China's "red line".

US experts warn that active US forces returning to Taiwan will cross China's

[observer network comprehensive report] the U. S. Navy's two destroyers went through the Taiwan Straits on the weekend to announce the first initiative, and American officials and scholars were mostly underestimating the importance of the matter. The latest development has led to speculation about whether the next US ship will be stationed and whether the US troops are stationed in Taiwan. US experts in the Taiwan Strait have warned that U.S. - China relations will be placed on the crater of the United States if they return to Taiwan, and the United States may have to close the Embassy in China, which will cross the red line set up by the Chinese side.

According to Hongkong "China Review Agency" on July 11th news, two American destroyers through the Taiwan Straits on the weekend, the message was released by the Taiwan Defense Department on the 7 evening of Taipei time, and confirmed by the US US Pacific Fleet on the 8 day: the two US destroyers "Ma Stine" and "Ben Ford" from July 7th to 8. " The international waters of the Taiwan Straits. In 2007, the Taiwan media claimed that the US ship was passing through the Taiwan Straits in 2007, and Brown, a spokesman for the US Pacific Fleet, said that the US warship went through the Taiwan Strait and had been sailing between the South China Sea and the East China Sea for a long time.

Manning, the media director of The Pentagon, said 9 days, that the US ship through the Taiwan Strait is in "international waters", "the United States has the right to go through", "we can fly, navigate and act where we want to go, that is the law." Another The Pentagon spokesman, Logan, also said the US Navy would go through the Taiwan Strait from the East China Sea to the South China Sea for various reasons.

Hao Zhijian, an outstanding professor at Missouri State University (Dennis V). Hickey) said it was not clear why the United States sent a warship through the Strait of Taiwan, but many explanations have been put forward. Some people think this is a response to Beijing's recent military operations around the Taiwan island. Others asserted that the move is a signal that the United States believes freedom of navigation. Others believe that the Trump administration has not sent important officials to the opening ceremony of the new "unofficial embassy" in Taipei, which is "throwing a bone" with the Cai Yingwen authorities. There was also a suggestion that Trump was trying to "play Taiwan".

Will the US Marine Corps be stationed in the new AIT site? Will the US ship be a berth? Hao Zhijian believes that there have been reports that the US Marine Corps will be stationed in the AIT Taipei office building, "this is the" false news "that the same gang who insisted that Trump's son would take part in the new facility. It seems that no matter how many times American officials deny it, some elements in Taiwan are always repeating such stories. " He also believes that the US Navy is unlikely to stop at any port in Taiwan. Everyone knows that this will trigger a strong reaction from China.

"It is one thing for the US destroyer to cross the Strait of Taiwan. It is quite different for the active US Army to return to Taiwan island. Such a move may put Sino US relations on the crater. Hao Zhijian said, in fact, when it comes to the unofficial relationship between the United States and Taiwan, tolerance in mainland China is limited. I believe that this action will cross the "red line".

Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs, 9, said the Chinese side had close attention and grasps the situation of the United States warship navigate the Taiwan Strait, and has expressed concern to the US side on the 9 day. It must be pointed out that the Taiwan issue is related to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and is the most important and sensitive issue in Sino US relations. The Chinese side urges the US side to conscientiously abide by the one China principle and the three United States joint communique provisions of the United States and China, carefully and properly handle the issue of Taiwan related to Taiwan so as not to harm the relations between China and the United States and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

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