"Maria" to tropical storm will enter Jiangxi, Fujian and Zhejiang emergency transfer of 580 thousand people

Original title: Typhoon "Maria" into a tropical storm into Jiangxi tonight, Fujian and Zhejiang emergency transfer of 580 thousand people

On the afternoon of July 11th, the cover news reporter learned from the national defense general that the intensity of Typhoon "Maria" eighth this year has gradually weakened after the landing of a strong typhoon in Huangqi Peninsula in Lianjiang, Fujian. The Central Meteorological Station issued a typhoon express at 16, indicating that "Maria" has been transformed into a tropical storm. The center is located in Shunchang, Fujian.

Before and after 9:10, "Maria" landed on the Huangqi Peninsula in Lianjiang, Fujian with a strong typhoon. The maximum wind speed was 14 (42 m / sec) near the center, and the lowest air pressure of the center was 96 thousand PA, and the intensity gradually weakened after landing.

Affected by "Maria", 11 days at 2 ~13, Fujian, Zhejiang, some areas of strong rain, northeast Fujian, Southeast Zhejiang and other places dropped 25~50 millimeters, Fujian Ningde, Zhejiang, Wenzhou local 70~110 millimeter. Cumulative surface rainfall: Zhejiang 20 mm (Wenzhou 80 mm, Lishui 32 mm), Fujian 15 mm (Ningde 55 mm, Fuzhou 46 mm). More than 100, 50 mm heavy rain covered area of 4 thousand, 24 thousand square kilometers, the cumulative maximum rainfall of Zhejiang Wenzhou nine peak village 238 mm, Fujian Fuzhou leaf 178 millimeter.

Under the influence of "Maria" and the astronomical tide, there were 7 tidal stations in Zhejiang and Fujian, which were over 0.01~0.93 meters, and the highest tidal level was 4.40 meters at 7:20 on the 11 day at Sha Cheng station (Fujian Fuding), the highest tide level (the highest climax of 4.16 meters in history, July 1996) since the establishment of the station in 1956.

Reporters learned from the national defense general, Fujian province to maintain the anti typhoon first class emergency response, and start a rainstorm II emergency response. The prevention of typhoon emergency response in Zhejiang province and Taihu defense general will be promoted to grade II in 10 days, and Jiangxi defense finger to start the emergency response of flood prevention grade III, and do a good job of typhoon and heavy rainfall defense.

Fujian province shifts the risk of the masses ahead of schedule, strictly controls the activities of outgoing personnel, and strictly guards against floods and floods, so as to prepare adequate rescue forces. A total of 193 thousand people were transferred to the province (161 thousand on land, and 32 thousand on board). All fishing vessels were in Hong Kong or in safe waters. Zhejiang province strengthens duty on duty, and further completes the work of personnel transfer, ship avoidance, secondary disaster prevention, water conservancy project safety management and rescue rescue and relief assistance. A total of 391 thousand people were transferred to the province (357 thousand on land, 34 thousand on board and 34 thousand on shore). All 20794 fishing vessels in the province have been sheltered from wind or in safe waters in Hong Kong; 4950 non fishing vessels have been in Hong Kong or in safe waters. Jiangxi province held the chamber of Commerce to further arrange the defense work of Maria. The Taihu general defense association has continued to analyze and strengthen the forecast and early warning, scientifically dispatch the backbone project scheduling, and strengthen the guidance for local flood prevention and typhoon prevention.

It is expected that "Maria" will move westward at about 30 kilometers per hour. The intensity continues to weaken and will be moved into Jiangxi this evening and weakened to a tropical depression. At present, there are no reports of casualties and major disasters, and detailed disasters are being counted.

The Secretary General of the national defense general, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of water resources and vice minister of emergency management, Ye Jianchun, led the working group to supervise the work of flood prevention and prevention in Fujian, and 3 other working groups of the national defense general continued to assist in various defense work in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui.

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