The more than 200 secret coordinates of the United States, Russia, Britain and other countries leaked out, including 48 nuclear weapons bases.

The more than 200 secret coordinates of the United States, Russia, Britain and other countries leaked out, including 48 nuclear weapons bases.

[article / observer net Xu Qian] the location and scale of the military base and the whereabouts of the intelligence personnel are the top secret of every country. For these sensitive information hidden in every corner of the globe, even if we stare at Google map every day, we may not be able to locate the general information.

However, nearly 6500 people from 69 countries have "measured" more than 200 confidential coordinates on the map with their feet on the map, and exposed their names and home addresses, including military intelligence sources from the United States, Britain, France, Russia and the Hollywood.

The military secrets painted with feet are from Holland media De Correspondent.

This is because they use the wearable fitness watch produced by Polar company of Finland and inadvertently disclose data privacy when exercising. The incident was recently exposed by the Holland investigation team. Under pressure, Polar has suspended its location tracking function.

Give you the key to your home

According to Agence France-Presse news, the Holland peace public organization PAX joined the country's new and sharp media De Correspondent, and published a long series of survey reports on the Polar company's positioning system on the 8 day of the latter.

The cover of the survey report and the members of the survey team

By analyzing the data since 2014, the team restored more than 200 "classified areas" of the 6460 Polar users worldwide, including 48 nuclear weapons stores, 18 intelligence agencies, 6 UAV bases, 2 nuclear power plants, and 2 Royal homes.

These include a nuclear weapon storage point of the French army and the UAV apron in Djibouti.

The secret department, which was successfully "lit up" in the survey, was the United States National Security Agency (NSA), the United States special service (Secret Service), the British government communications headquarters (GCHQ), the Russian General Administration of intelligence (GRU), the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency (SVR RF), France, and France. The external security agency (DGSE) and the Holland Military Intelligence Agency (MIVD).

In some cases, it is precisely the military and intelligence people of various countries who reveal these coordinates. Because Polar's wearable equipment can store information about distance, coordinates, and time used by a long - distance user, these confidential people are active on the map to highlight their schedules and activities.

The report reads: "just by clicking a few clicks, you can learn about a nuclear air base. A high-ranking officer jogging in the yard in the morning. We can master the information of the Western military personnel in Afghanistan by Polar, and then cross the name and head of the social media to identify the identity of a soldier or officer. "

In addition, it is sometimes possible to infer the person's address by repeatedly comparing the user's jogging path pattern. This allows investigators to exclaim: just as intelligence personnel personally sent the keys to your home, so simple!

Even if the user lives in a high-rise, he can not get rid of the risk of being positioned. Polar devices can record the "altitude difference" that users experience in a short time. Investigators can infer the number of floors in which the users live by querying the three-dimensional perspective of the Google map.

Polar was initially dissatisfied

With the deepening of the investigation, more and more sensitive coordinates and confidential information have been excavated, and investigators have gradually felt the responsibility of the shoulders.

The report says: some people with ulterior motives may use the information in our article to produce some "dangerous ideas", but that does not mean that we should not publish the findings. It is precisely because of the seriousness of this problem that there are so many similar wearable fitness equipment in the world that we decide to do so.

In addition, the investigation team first informed the Ministry of defense of Holland in June 22nd and conveyed the news to the defense departments of various countries by the Ministry of defense of Holland. The government of Holland also responded at the first time: the country's military and intelligence sources were ordered to ban the use of Polar mobile APP.

The team hopes that "governments will have enough time to inform those who are divulging secrets to avoid unnecessary security issues," which is not the first time to publish the article.

3 days later (June 25th), the investigation team carried out an investigation into the Polar company in Finland. But the Polar company initially disapproved of the leak. Marco Suvilaakso, the chief strategist, believes that Polar has not violated the EU's privacy - related security regulations, and that the sharing of data is entirely decided by the user.

The CEO magazine

In response, Polar sent only two engineers to the investigation team, saying it would make some "minor" changes to APP and its website.

Subsequently, the investigation team began to press the representative offices of Polar companies around the world through the Finland and US counterparts (media personages).

In the end, Polar compromised in July 4th and issued a statement that it decided to completely shut down the location sharing function of the website. This means that everything that maps to the user can't work.

Bodybuilder? Or a tracker?

Facebook "data release" events are still in the eye, and now the military intelligence is moving, because a wrist watch is no longer mysterious and worrying.

In fact, wearable devices are not the first thing to happen. The product of Fitbit, the US smart watch company, was criticized for "leaking data", which has been rectified in 2011. But the American fears have never disappeared: Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader of the US Senate, and Ramirez (Edith Ramirez), the president of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), have repeatedly opposed the use of Fitbit.

Commercial insider, guardian report screenshot

The result of the warning was verified. The database of Fitbit was exposed to hacking in January of this year, and more than 25 million users' personal privacy was exposed.

In addition, the American fitness tracking software Strava, which focused on cycling, came out in 1 this year. The application accidentally disclosed US military secrets, including the locations and staffing information of US military bases and spy outposts around the world.

The positioning function of Strava has revealed the trend of US forces near Mosul from BBC.

In 2015, nature published the analysis of privacy challenges to the technical breakthrough of wearable devices.

The article writes that for manufacturers, improving security will increase the cost of money, research and development time, increase the size of the equipment and increase energy consumption; for users, the excessive protection of data will reduce the sense of "social" testing of such wearable devices.

The resulting contradictions are testing every technology and security person.

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