US media: the US military originally wanted to send an aircraft carrier battle group across the Taiwan Straits.

US media: the US military originally wanted to send an aircraft carrier battle group across the Taiwan Straits.

[global network military report] the Washington free lighthouse website published an article entitled "The Pentagon using warships through the Taiwan Straits to display military power" in July 10th, disclosing some details of the two Burke destroyers passed from the Taiwan Straits last weekend. According to the disclosure of the American media, the US military dispatched warships through the Taiwan Strait is a long-standing military operation, and there is an action version that uses the aircraft carrier strike group to complete the traversing.

The article quoted US Defense spokesman Chris Logan as saying that the American "Mastin" and "Ben Fuld" destroyer sailed across the Taiwan Strait in 100 miles (about 160 kilometers) of international waters.

Logan said: "the US Navy ships sometimes travel through the Taiwan straits between the South China Sea and the East China Sea, and have been doing this for many years."

The images circulated on the Internet are supposed to reflect two US destroyers crossing the Strait of Taiwan.

The article said that the last time the US Navy passed the Taiwan Straits was in July 2017, when it was completed by a destroyer. The latest action failed to achieve The Pentagon's plan to send an aircraft carrier strike group through the Straits, which has become the focus of increasingly fierce competition between China and the United States.

The article further said, in this operation, two American warships sailing along the central line near the Strait - a part of "more invasive freedom of navigation", described by an official in the United States Department of defense as "lawfully passed" to challenge a country's territorial claims.

The US Army initially planned to let the Reagan aircraft carrier strike group cross the Taiwan Straits, but eventually sent the "Mastin" and another destroyer.

When two US destroyers crossed the Strait of Taiwan, the Reagan aircraft carrier strike group synchronized northward on the Western Pacific side.

The article said that The Pentagon is considering sending an aircraft carrier through the Strait of Taiwan in the future, or sending a warship to Taiwan.

Robert Manning, another spokesman for the US Defense Department, said that the US Navy is passing through the Strait of Taiwan, saying: "it is international waters. We can fly, we can sail, and we can act legitimately wherever we want to go. "

The article noted that the passage of the US warships through the Taiwan Straits coincided with the circum Pacific exercise this year. The Chinese side did not participate in this year's exercise. It also said that the Chinese government criticized the US Navy's actions as expected.

The US Navy's Reagan aircraft carrier attack group held various naval operations on the way.

Military observers to the global network military, from the United States media disclosure of the situation, the US military dispatched warships through the Taiwan Strait, it is not a sudden surprise, but a long military operation, and the existence of a carrier strike group to complete the action version.

Combined with the movement of the American navy "Reagan" aircraft carrier strike group since the late mid - late 6 month of 2018, it has been active in the surrounding sea areas such as West Tai and South China Sea. It is a visit to Philippines and a sea battle drill. It's a final decision that has been waiting for a higher decision - level in the United States - not allowing the "Reagan" carrier strike group to run through the Taiwan Strait. The final result is to separate the "Mastin" from the strike group and form a small formation with another Burke destroyer to cross the Taiwan Strait, while the "Reagan" aircraft carrier strike group's other forces are in the West Pacific side of the east of Taiwan.

Americans understand the sensitivity of this action very well. But in particular, the name of "freedom of navigation", under the operation of the United States military, has been upgraded from the so-called "disputed international waters" to an excuse to intervene in Taiwan.

At a regular press conference in July 9th, Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the United States warship, said at a regular press conference in July 9th that the Chinese side has paid close attention to the situation in which the United States warships navigate the Taiwan Strait, and has expressed concern to the United States on this. It must be pointed out that the Taiwan issue is a matter of China's sovereignty and territory. This is the most important and sensitive issue in Sino US relations. We urge the US side to conscientiously abide by the one China principle and the three United States joint communiques of the United States and China, carefully and properly handle the issues related to Taiwan so as not to harm the relations between China and the United States and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

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