Hongkong flight Dalian flight crew caused a sudden drop in smoking? Air China responded

Hongkong flight Dalian flight crew caused a sudden drop in smoking? Air China responded

Original title: CA106 unit smoking false operation caused a sharp drop? Air China passenger service: an internal investigation is under way

On July 10th, Air China CA106 Hongkong Dalian flight appeared an emergency drop. According to the pictures provided by netizens, the oxygen mask in the engine room has fallen off. In this regard, micro-blog has been certified as the Shenzhen dynamic Tian Hui Polytron Technologies Inc - "flight Stewardship" through its official micro-blog, said the cause of an emergency decline, the air cruising stage of the unit smoking, mistaken two components as recirculating fans turned off the result of the cockpit release pressure. On July 11th, Air China customer service said in response to the cover news reporter, Air China is investigating the matter internally.

According to the flight housekeeper, the unit was mistaken. It was considered that the pressurization could not be controlled, and the Mayday emergency dropped and the passenger oxygen mask dropped.

Flight stewardship said that after the plane was leveled out of the cabin temperature, the two components were found in the closed position, and the unit pressurized to be controlled after the passenger oxygen had not conformed to the conditions of seaworthiness, and again to 7500 meters high to continue to fly to destination. But in the face of this situation, netizens said that such a crew is too irresponsible for passengers.

Air China did not respond to the news of the flight steward. On July 11th, cover news (thecover.cn) asked the incident via Air China customer service. The staff said he knew that the CA106 flight in July 10th had been delayed, but the reason for it was air control. "It should have taken off at 17:45, but the final takeoff was 19:11."

On the emergency drop, the staff further responded that Air China is currently under investigation. Once the cause is confirmed, the first time will be published in the official form.

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