Russia's new generation of space suits trapped in Western sanctions can not be sent back to earth maintenance

Russia's new generation of space suits trapped in Western sanctions can not be sent back to earth maintenance

Reference News Network reported on July 11th, Russian media said that Russian astronauts or sanctions can not be equipped with modern spacesuit. At the same time, the Russian national Aerospace Corp, as the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has used the "dragon" spacecraft to send expensive space to the international space station to return to the ground for technical maintenance.

According to the Russian "labor newspaper" website reported on July 9th, the Russian "Star" research and production enterprise general manager Sergei baitni ikoff told reporters that because of Western sanctions, a new generation of Russian "sea eagle -MKS" spacesuit or the lack of helmet built-in information transmission system and auto lifesaving system.

He said so far the company is using complete sets of imported parts. But considering the issue of sanctions, it is still unknown whether the import can continue in the future.

"Under restricted circumstances, we will make simple manufacturing and use only domestically made parts," he said. At the minimum, we plan to upgrade the sleeves of the spacesuit, and if possible, it will increase the size of the spacesuit, and reduce the inconvenience to the burly spaced astronauts. In order to simplify the technical maintenance of spacesuit, we will make changes to the backpack layout.

In addition, he shared plans for improving the maintainability of space suits. Unlike American space suits, Russian space suits cannot be brought back to earth for maintenance: all necessary technical maintenance is carried out directly in orbit. NASA can reclaim space suits because of the "dragon" orbital cargo ship produced by space exploration technology company. This is the only spacecraft that can take the goods back to the ground from the space station. The Russian "progressive" cargo spacecraft will burn up in the atmosphere, he said. Due to the limitation of the weight and size of the cargo, the possibility of bringing the spacesuit with the "alliance" manned spaceship is also very limited.

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