Tianjin Secretary Li Hongzhong: Tibet's work is crucial to the overall development of the country.

Tianjin Secretary Li Hongzhong: Tibet's work is crucial to the overall development of the country.

Original title: Tianjin municipal Party and government delegation to Tibet Changcheng city study and inspection, fully implement the mission responsibilities of Tibet, intensify efforts to promote the development of Changdu

Source: Tianjin daily

(reporter Wei Yu Yu Chunfeng) for in-depth study and implementation of the important instructions of the general secretary Xi Jinping on Tibet work, the implementation of the central sixth Tibet work symposium and the spirit of the East and the West Symposium on poverty alleviation and cooperation, from 9 to 11, the party secretary Li Hongzhong, the Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and the mayor Zhang Guoqing rate in Tianjin The party and government delegation went to study in Changcheng city of Tibet autonomous region to further promote the work of our counterparts in Tibet and promote exchanges and cooperation between Tibet and Tibet.

Wu Yingjie, Secretary of the Party committee of the Tibet autonomous region, Zizara, deputy secretary of the Autonomous Region Party committee and chairman of the autonomous region, accompanied them to inspect and attend a symposium on counterpart support work.

On the morning of the 10 day, Li Hongzhong and Zhang Guoqing, accompanied by Wu Yingjie and Qi Zara, visited the Tianjin new village of Changcheng, the town of quru, the new village of Tianjin, the city of higher Career Technical College, the Boyu agricultural ecological garden, the Tianjin bridge and other Tianjin construction projects. The town of Tianjin, a new village in the town of qoru Town, belongs to the relocation project. The total number of farmers and herdsmen moved to 127 households and 543 people. The city of higher Career Technical College planning 6000 students, Tianjin city capital of 86 million 300 thousand yuan, used to build a graphic information center, comprehensive office building, training and teaching building, a total of 21 thousand square meters. Boyuan Agricultural Eco Park project is expected to solve the employment of more than 100 people in Zuba village, and promote the development of local eco-tourism.

In the new village of Tianjin, Li Hongzhong and his party came to see the condolences of the poor household in the west, and sat down with the family and talked about the family. Xi Rao Yongqing excitedly tells about the happy life brought by Tianjin's aid construction. Zahi Jerzy, a six year old daughter, sang Chinese nursery rhymes to everyone in Chinese. Li Hongzhong encouraged little Zahi Jerzy to study well and succeed at an early date and told his family deeply and affectionately that general secretary Xi Jinping was very concerned about the lives of all ethnic groups. Today, the Tibetan region can have such a good life. First of all, we should thank General Secretary Xi Jinping, thank the Party Central Committee, and thank the party for the policy of Tibet. Tianjin should work with everyone to make everyone's life better and better. Li Hongzhong proposed to become relatives of ethnic unity with their family. Welcome to visit relatives in Tianjin to see the development of the mainland. The West round Yongqing family was very happy. Little Zahi Jerzy kindly shouted Grandpa. We were deeply moved by the warm scenes.

At the Symposium on counterpart support held in the afternoon, Zhang Guoqing and Qi Zara respectively reported the development stability and counterpart support work in Tianjin and Tibet. The meeting heard a report on the anaphora of Changcheng and Tianjin.

In his speech, Li Hongzhong said that the trip to Changdu was an in-depth study and implementation of the important strategic thought of the general secretary of Xi Jinping on the strategic thought of stabilizing Tibet, and we felt the great changes in the economic and social development of Tibet, especially the "old Tibet spirit" displayed by the party and government cadres at all levels in Tibet. Feel sincere admiration. Tibet's work is crucial to the overall development of the party and the country. Only with the prosperity and stability of the frontier can we have a more solid strategic guarantee for the development of the mainland.

Li Hongzhong stressed that, under the guidance of the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, Tianjin should strengthen the "Four Consciousness", resolutely fulfill the sacred duty endowed by the Party Central Committee, closely combine the new needs of the development of the new stage of Tibet, and scientifically grasp the relationship between "blood supply" and "hematopoiesis" and so on. Push the local to achieve new development. We should insist on upgrading and adding force, increase the capital and project investment, adhere to the combination of "multi-layer full coverage and limited unlimited", construct the comprehensive assistance and docking mechanism of cities, districts and streets (towns), use limited financial funds, promote the participation of enterprises and other social forces with unlimited feelings, and adhere to accurate poverty alleviation and accurate poverty alleviation. We should focus on increasing the income of farmers and herdsmen and improving their lives, adhering to the combination of support and helping the wisdom of wisdom, giving full play to the advantages of the vocational education in Tianjin, doing a good job in education, culture and medical aid, insisting on promoting the level of local productivity as the goal, combining the advantages of Tibet's ecological advantages and the advantages of the Tianjin port and intelligent manufacturing, and promoting the industrial development, and adhering to the exchange of exchanges and exchanges. We should pay attention to the communication between heart and heart and enhance the brotherhood of the people of all nationalities in Tibet.

Wu Yingjie, on behalf of the Autonomous Region Party committee, the government and the people of all ethnic groups in the region, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Tianjin for its concern and support for Tibet's work for a long time. He said that, since the eighteen Party of the party, under the strong leadership and kind care of the Party Central Committee at the core of Comrade Xi Jinping, the Party committee and the government of the autonomous region have united and led the people of all ethnic groups in the region, deeply carrying out the important strategic ideas of the socialist ideology of the Chinese characteristics of the new era of Xi Jinping and the stability of the general secretary, and promoting various work. Tibet has been one of the best periods in history.

Wu Yingjie pointed out that, for a long time, Tianjin City, standing on the high level of the work of the party and the state, has always made a great political and glorious mission to do a good job of counterpart and aid in Tibet. It supports all aspects of projects, funds, talents and technology, which has greatly promoted the economic and social progress of Changcheng city. Next, we will firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", correctly handle the relationship between central concern, national support and self-reliance, hard struggle, and further work for aid, use the funds supported by Tianjin well, carry out the project well, manage the cadres well, and create good conditions for Tianjin's aid to Tibet. We sincerely hope that the city of Tianjin will always care about supporting Tibet's work and further strengthen its support to support the rapid development and long-term stability of Changdu.

During the period in Changdu, the leaders of our municipality and autonomous region visited the eighth batch of cadres in Tibet. Li Hongzhong encouraged all cadres to keep in mind the Party Central Committee and general secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment, to improve the political position, to be in high spirits, to devote themselves to enthusiasm, to be loyal to their duties, and to hone the will and grow the talents in the post of Tibet. We should carry out our work with deep feelings, enhance emotional exchanges, and make new and greater contributions to the promotion of national unity and progress.

The leaders of the autonomous region, Liu Jiang, and the Secretary General of the autonomous region, Zhu Qiang, and the municipal leaders Li Yi, Liang Baoming, Li Shuqi, Wei Dapeng and municipal government Secretary General Meng Qingsong.

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