Qijia online city's internal trust will invest more money in supply chain integration.

Qijia online city's internal trust will invest more money in supply chain integration.

Sina Technology News on the evening of July 11th news, Qijia network in July 12th will be listed on the Hong Kong exchange, the stock code "01739" issue price is set at 4.85 Hong Kong dollars, lower than the prospectus, to raise capital of HK $2 billion 180 million.

According to the previous announcement, Qijia network was originally listed in July 5th and postponed until July 12th.

Deng Huajin, founder of Qijia network, announced today that it will invest more money and more energy in supply chain integration, product and technology upgrading. In the future, more cities will be developed to meet the needs of users in a wider range.

The following is the full text of the internal letter:

Ladies and gentlemen:

Tomorrow, we are going to be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange. This is an important milestone of the company. It is not only the result of the efforts and persistence of all the family members, but also the affirmation of the professional investors and the industry in the capital market. The successful landing in Hong Kong will also provide us with a more mature and more international capital platform, which will bring new opportunities and wider space for the rapid development of the company.

In the past, Qijia network has been committed to improving the service experience and industry efficiency through technology driven. It is committed to building a deep cooperative relationship with the main partners on the industry chain such as building materials brand merchants, decoration enterprises, supervision and service companies, to promote the upgrading of the whole industry form. This is the beginning of our business. A set of values.

In the first few years before Qijia network was founded, we took the lead in building a building material home shopping platform, and made the industry first in a very short time, serving tens of millions of users, relying on excellent quality and service level, so we have accumulated a good reputation for users. Training and supporting a large number of high-quality building materials business, has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of Qijia network.

The changes in consumer habits are huge and urgent over the years, and we find that young users are getting lazy, and they are becoming more like simple, efficient, and efficient one-stop services. Under such a trend, Qijia network began to revolutionate itself around 2014 and 2015 and shifted its strategic focus to platform business. Frankly, it was a huge challenge for any company.

We are proud that our transformation is very successful, and today, Qijia network has developed into China's largest and most prestigious Internet home installation platform, and has built a flourishing platform ecosystem. In this new field, we have also made countless innovations, creating numerous industry first. We first introduced the decoration service, provided full service for the decoration users, opened the trust ties between the enterprises, the platform and the users, and has become the standard service for the platform to ensure the user experience. We have built the most active and richest content system in the industry, and accumulated a large number of user data and high quality home clothes. Content, the mass content on the platform not only provides the user with high quality value and decision reference, but also helps to attract more users to use our service, and has built an unparalleled traffic advantage for us. We take the lead in enabling the line under the line, to provide ERP, VR, WOM and so on. Comprehensive support helps enterprises understand and serve young consumer groups better, which has brought significant and huge results to the enterprises.

We are very pleased that in the platform system of Qijia network, more and more partners are taking root and growing up, and more and more young users have better decoration experience and living environment through the service of Qijia network.

Tomorrow, Qijia network will be listed on the main board of Hongkong. This is a new start, and we are also shouldering a higher mission. In the future, there will be more profound changes in the industry. Users will have higher and more different requirements for the shape of the products. We will invest more money and more energy in supply chain integration, product and technology promotion to help the industry to further improve the testing and efficiency. In the future, we will expand more. Many cities to meet the needs of users in a wider range. To provide users with one-stop home decoration services, so that decoration more efficient, more convenient and more transparent, our hearts never changed.

Thanks to the old and new employees who have grown up with the net, even if someone has gone away for a short time, thank all the friends who care about and support the development of the network, thank all the partners, bless ourselves, and bless all the travelers.

Deng Huajin

July 11, 2018 in Hongkong

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