Xiao Ming bicycle accounts only 350 thousand yuan, and bankruptcy creditors exceed 110 thousand.

Xiao Ming bicycle accounts only 350 thousand yuan, and bankruptcy creditors exceed 110 thousand.

Xinhua news agency, Guangzhou, July (Xinhua Mao Yizhu, Hu Linguo) 11 (reporter Mao Yizhu, Hu Linguo) reporters from the Guangzhou intermediate people's court learned from the Guangzhou City Intermediate People's court to share the first case of single car bankruptcy - the case of Xiao Ming single car bankruptcy has carried out claims statistics, confirmed valid claims for a total of 118881, the amount of debt of about 55400000 yuan; Xiao Ming single car account funds left only remaining More than 350 thousand yuan on WeChat account is not enough to pay off all debts.

According to the introduction, Xiao Ming single car management Party - Guangzhou Yuke Mdt InfoTech Ltd founded in July 29, 2016, yuyai company has launched more than 430 thousand vehicles in more than 10 cities throughout the country, collecting a total of 800 million yuan of the total deposit.

At the end of 2017, Xiao Ming single car began to appear the problem that the deposit of the user's deposit could not be returned in time. Some users put forward the application for the bankruptcy liquidation of yuyai company to the Guangzhou middle school. The Guangzhou intermediate people's court accepted the ruling in March 27, 2018, and Yuet's company formally entered bankruptcy proceedings.

According to the court notice, the creditor of Yue Qi company can claim the claim on WeChat by June 27, 2018. As of the expiration of the claim period, 118738 claims for the valid declaration of the single car users, the claim amount is about 200 yuan, the creditor's claim is 28, and the employee's claim is 115, and the total amount is 118881.

According to Ni Yezhong, the head of the manager of the bankruptcy case, it was found in the survey that Yuke company and other companies had an act of trading at a clear and unreasonable price. The manager has brought a derivative suit, requiring the associated parties to return the prepaid payment for overpayment of Yuke and compensation for the loss of the price difference caused by the related exchange, and the Guangzhou middle court has also accepted the litigious request of the manager.

It is reported that the manager is in contact with the enterprises to recover the small cars scattered all over the country. China Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd. is willing to recycle the national bike, but from the overall quotation, the funds can be retracted.

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