Beijing flood control office: rainstorm blue warning, rain continues till evening.

Beijing flood control office: rainstorm blue warning, rain continues till evening.

Source: Chang'an Avenue magistrate

The latest news of the city flood control office, the city is still in the rainstorm blue early warning and Geological Hazard Meteorological Risk yellow early warning, today night cloudy to heavy rain, around 8 p.m., rain will cross the city from the southwest, accompanied by lightning, the rainfall is smaller than the expected, preplanned in 20-40 millimeters.

As of 5 p.m. today, the city's average rainfall is 14.9 millimeters, the largest precipitation point is Yanqing's warm water surface village, with a precipitation of 50.7 millimeters, and the main road junctions and low-lying sections of the city have not been larger.

It is estimated that the rainfall will gradually weaken in the morning. The day will be cloudy and cloudy, and the north will turn to the south wind. The 2 and the 3 will be the highest, and the maximum temperature will be 27 degrees Celsius. 12 nights, cloudy to cloudy, South to north wind, 1, 2, minimum temperature 22 degrees Celsius.

13 days, cloudy days, cloudy areas, thunderstorms in most areas, north to south wind, 2, 3, the highest temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. On the 13 day night, cloudy days were cloudy, and thunderstorms in the southern part, South to north winds, about 2, and the lowest temperature was 23 degrees Celsius.

14 days, cloudy days, cloudy, showers, north to south wind, 2, 3, the maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

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