Trump said Germany was controlled by Russia.

Trump said Germany was controlled by Russia.

Overseas network 11 July, Trump attacked the target directly at Germany at the NATO summit, calling it completely controlled by Russia. German defense minister Ursula Leyen responded, "I don't know what he means."

According to TASS, German defense minister von de Llane said, "I hope the president of the United States can have a clear signal at their meeting to show our determination and unity at this summit. It's good to be able to talk together. "

"Look at our finance minister. She has been in regular contact with the Russian President for 13 years. We have a lot of questions about Russia, but while keeping a conversation with friends, the dialogue with the opponent is necessary, "the German defense minister added.

"Germany is paying billions of dollars to Russia every year, and we protect the country from Russia's invasion," Trump said at a breakfast meeting with NATO Secretary General. They built natural gas pipelines to pay billions of dollars to Russia's national treasury. I think this is completely unacceptable. In addition, the former German prime minister worked for Russian natural gas company. "

Trump had earlier pressed Germany to stop a major gas agreement with Russia, the "North stream -2" project, which Trump had also made as a condition to avoid the outbreak of a trade war across the Atlantic. Merkel used to ignore the criticism of the US and European allies about the pipeline plan.

It is understood that the "North stream -2" project plans to pipe the Baltic Sea to the bottom of the Baltic Sea, transport Russian gas to Germany, and then pass the German trunk pipeline to other European countries. The pipeline passes through the waters of Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany, or exclusive economic zones. After completion, Russia will send 55 billion cubic meters of gas to Germany every year to meet 10% of Europe's natural gas demand.

If "North stream -2" is built to replace the existing pipeline, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries may lose billions of euros in transit and energy transfer this geopolitical tool, more will bear the risk of rising natural gas prices. That is why Western European countries, led by Germany, have a positive attitude towards the project, while eastern European countries such as Ukraine have tried to obstruct the project and have been "backed up" by the United States.

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