The mine owner hired the murder to kill the fellow in the city? After the review of the death penalty

The mine owner hired the murder to kill the fellow in the city? After the review of the death penalty

Original title: after entering the death penalty review stage nearly four years later, Zhou Longbin, the principal of the Chenzhou Lake explosion case, wrote a suicide note.

In July 3rd, the lawyer met Zhou Longbin at the Chenzhou detention center. Zhou Longbin wrote the last words: no more hatred would kill the week.

In July 3rd, the 52 year old Zhou Longbin, who was waiting for the death penalty review of the Supreme People's court, wrote a Book: "I was wronged and dead in peace." "I was a brother who grew up with the yuan yuan, and the great hatred did not kill him."

The suicide note was posted on the Internet by Zhou Pengbo, his son.

Zhou Longbin was the victim of the shock of the Chenzhou Lake explosion in Hunan. On December 23, 2003, on the front parking lot of the Chenzhou Tian Lake Hotel, Sokari, a gambler, pressed the remote control, and Chen Jianwen carried the explosive device with him. Chen Jianwen and the 45 year old mineral tycoon Zhou Bingyuan was killed on the spot. Sokari has been executed. Zhou Longbin was identified as the principal criminal of the case. He was sentenced to death in the first instance because of the crime of explosion. He was sentenced to death for committing intentional homicide at the end of the trial.

At the end of 2014, Zhou Longbin entered the supreme law to review the death penalty stage.

Zhou Zhipeng, son of Zhou Pengbo and Zhou Bingyuan of Zhou Longbin, has become a passerby once. In July 9th, the two people interviewed in the upstream news (National News Hotline: [email protected]) said they hoped to review the results quickly. Zhou Pengbo hopes to send a retrial, and Zhou Zhipeng hopes to carry out the death penalty.

The so-called "medicine work" witchcraft

Chenzhou, Hunan, is famous for its huge reserves of mineral resources.

From 90s to early twentieth Century last century, the first richest man in Linwu County, Chenzhou, Hunan Province, was Zhou Longbin, the chairman of Yida mineral processing company, and another mineral tycoon named Zhou Bingyuan. The two people are all the village people in the well. In the 90s of last century, they started mining together in the thirty-six Bay near the village. At the beginning, "Heroes cherish heroes" and later fought for mining rights.

Sokari, the gambler, changed the fortunes of two mineral tycoons.

One day in October 2002, when Sokari was 42 years old, he heard rumors in gambling in Linwu County: "someone will use" medicine "to harm Zhou Longbin. "Drug work" is a kind of witchcraft spread around Chenzhou. It is used to spray medicine on puppets and make people get sick and die. This is an outright feudal superstition and nonsense.

The speaker had no intention. The listener was interested, and sugari wanted to pass the news to Zhou Longbin. But he did not know Zhou Longbin. He thought of the middle man Deng Chunwang who met Zhou Longbin. After Deng Chunwang's line, three people hit the head at the Yingbin Hotel in Linwu county.

After hearing that "drug work" came out, Zhou Longbin decided that the initiator behind him was Zhou Yuan Yuan. He told Sokari and Deng Chunwang that people who "instigate evil" would "take medicine" and give Zhou Bingyuan "medicine merit". After the success, they would pay 200 thousand remuneration and pay separately.

When Sokari implemented the "medicine work", Zhou Longbin paid his 20 thousand yuan activity fund and arranged his driver to identify Zhou Yuan Yuan with sugari. Soon, sugari found an old man who claimed to be a "drug worker". By March 2003, the old man's "medicine skills" had not worked at all.

Sokari and Zhou Longbin confessed different actions after the failure of the "medicine Gong". Sokari said that Zhou Longbin told him if he could not, he would use hard guns, guns and so on. Zhou Longbin said that he told Sokari that "medicine work" could not do Zhou Bingyuan, and that "medicine work" could not be done by itself. Sokari will go back to him and do it well. After hearing this, he left and never saw Sokari again.

Both the Chenzhou intermediate people's court and the Hunan Provincial High Court affirm that after the implementation of "drug work" failed, Sokari and Zhou Longbin agreed to take other methods to kill Zhou Yuan Yuan. One day in June 2003, sugari came to Chen Jianwen to join in the killing of Zhou Yuan Yuan with a huge reward.

At the scene of the December 23, 2003 Lake explosion, many cars were blown up.

An explosion that shocked the whole country.

Chenzhou, Hunan, has been shocked by the "12 + 23" bombing case for 15 years, but it is still a talk in the streets and lanes. Hunan Provincial High Court (2014) Gao Gao FA three sentence No. 129th and Chenzhou police investigation report restored the explosion before and after.

At 7 a.m. on December 23, 2003, sugari leaned on the street trees near the front parking lot of the lake hotel in Beihu District, Chenzhou. Not far away, there was a brand-new travelling bag beside Chen Jianwen, with an iron box and a battery in it. The iron box is about 20 centimeters long and about 10 centimeters high, filled with explosives in the iron box, and four detonators are inserted in the explosive. The detonator is connected to the battery through a wire. Sokari and Chen Jianwen each have a remote control in their hands. The remote control detonating the explosive device.

Sokari pulled out his cell phone with a newly bought phone card. "I'm Deng Xingfa. I lost my nephew's wallet. Help me, go to the Tian Hu Hotel and give him 100 yuan." Zhou Bingyuan, who was talking to his friend, got up and explained that the director of the detention house was looking for him. He wanted to go out for a while.

At 9:50 in the morning, Zhou Bingyuan drove the black modern car into the front parking lot of the Tian Hu Hotel. Sokari winked at Chen Jianwen, and Chen Jianwen walked toward Zhou Bingyuan with her bag. When the two people approached, sugari pressed the remote control. "Bang" a loud noise, Zhou Bingyuan and Chen Jianwen's moment of death in a different place, the underground left 1.5 meters deep, half a meter wide deep frying pit, a number of cars damaged, 60 meters of house glass was shattered by shock waves.

Chen Jianwen didn't think he would be killed, too. Prior to the two people agreed, while Zhou Bingyuan did not pay attention to the explosive device into the modern car, and Chen Jianwen evacuated to the security scope, then detonated, killed Zhou Yuan Yuan. Unexpectedly, sugari saw a rare chance to detonate, and in addition, he would be more secure when he temporarily tried to kill Chen Jianwen.

After the explosion, sugali fled and ran the remote control into the ditch under the overpass. Half an hour later, Zhou Bingyuan's wife, Zhou Meizhi, and son Zhou Zhipeng learned the news and hurried to the scene, confirming that Zhou Bingyuan himself was the one who had been bombed.

After the bombing, Zhou Longbin arranged for him to pay his reward to sugari for 200 thousand yuan.

Zhou Longbin was sentenced to death in the first instance

After the death of Zhou Bingyuan, the way of litigation involving the people involved was mixed.

In September 2004, sugari and Zhou Longbin were arrested by the Chenzhou police on suspicion of intentional homicide. In November 2005, due to insufficient evidence, Chenzhou procuratorate released Sokari, Zhou Longbin and others.

After the release of Sokari and Zhou Longbin, Zhou Bingyuan's family members were dissatisfied, and they kept reflecting on the multi-level departments. In January 2007, the Task Force reviewed the case, and after hearing the news, Zhou Bingyuan absconded. Shortly after the review of the ad hoc group, sugari was arrested again. In September 2010, Sokari was executed for committing an explosion.

In July 29, 2011, Zhou Longbin was arrested in Fangxian, Shiyan, Hubei. When he was arrested, he was named Yang Jun, and he ran a sika deer farm in the area.

In February 27, 2007, the Ministry of Public Security issued an arrest warrant for class A, offering a reward of 50 thousand yuan to arrest Zhou long bin. Zhou Longbin's pseudonym "Yang Jun" fled to Hainan, Jiangxi, Hubei and other places. In July 2011, Zhou Longbin was arrested by the police in Fangxian, Hubei. At this time, he had set up a sika deer farm.

Chenzhou intermediate people's Court (2012) Chen sentence 1, word no. eighth verdict shows that Zhou Longbin was sentenced to death for committing an explosion and Zhou Longbin appealed in court. In December 20, 2014, the Hunan provincial high academy decided Zhou Longbin to retaliate Zhou Bingyuan, the heavy gold hired Sokari to invite people to carry out "drug power" to murder Zhou Bingyuan, Zhou Bingyuan was killed by the remote control explosions by Su Jia, and Zhou Longbin's behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Zhou Longbin played a major role in the joint crime with Sokari as the principal offender. The high court of Hunan province decided to repeal the verdict No. eighth of the Chenzhou intermediate people's Court (2012). Zhou Longbin committed the crime of intentional murder and sentenced to death.

It has been nearly four years to enter the death penalty review stage

According to the legal procedure, after the final judgment was made by the Hunan provincial high court, the case entered the stage of death penalty review of the Supreme People's court.

Zhou Longbin's attorney, Li Xun, has submitted several lawyer proposals to the supreme law since December 4, 2015, suggesting that the Supreme People's court "adjudication does not approve the death penalty, and revoking the original sentence and returning to the retrial."

Li Xun introduced that the key plot of "Zhou Longbin hired Sokari to kill Zhou army yuan by means of explosions or equal properties" was not clear, the evidence was insufficient and the conviction of the Hunan provincial high court had been ruled out by the court of second instance. Sokari's confession, which is dependent on the judgment, is isolated and has been confessed in court.

Li Xun believed that the court of two trials confirmed the fact that Zhou Longbin was not aware of the murder of Zhou Bingyuan by the way of explosions. The plan, preparation and implementation of the explosion were completed by Sokari and Chen Jianwen.

"Zhou Longbin said in his trial that he had been extorting confessions by torture, and the people who heard the trial heard it." Li Xun said.

In May 20, 2017, the Renmin University of China law school invited 5 legal experts from Gao Mingxuan, Chen Xingliang, Zhang Mingkai, Zhao Bingzhi and Chen Wei Dong. After discussing Zhou Longbin's crime of intentional homicide, it was believed that a sentence of death sentence depended on the repeated written confession of the same case, which did not conform to the evidence. It is sufficient to exclude reasonable doubt of the standard of evidence in criminal proceedings. This case belongs to the fact that the original verdict is not clear, the evidence is insufficient, and the new evidence of impacting the conviction and sentencing during the review period, and the original trial does not start the illegal evidence exclusion procedure, which has seriously affected the fair trial. It should be ruled not to approve the death penalty and revoke the original sentence and return to the retrial.

In August 1, 2012, the Chenzhou intermediate people's court sentenced Zhou Longbin to death and deprived his political rights for life.

In addition to the case itself, the explosions of the lake were considered to be one of the "Chenzhou official corruption nests", including the former party secretary of Chenzhou, Li Dalun, the former Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee of Chenzhou, Ceng Jin spring of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Commission and the former minister Fan Jiasheng of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the city. A large number of officials have been investigated and dealt with, involving more than 160 party and government officials and businessmen. Some of them involve corruption of mineral resources.

The families of both sides hope to get out as soon as possible.

Over the past few days, Zhou Longbin's suicide circulated on the Internet, and the book is uploaded to the Internet by his son Zhou Pengbo. Zhou Longbin said in his suicide note, "I didn't buy murderous homicide. I grew up with brother Zhou Yuan. My great hatred did not kill him. I heard that Zhou Bingyuan used "medicine work" to harm me, but also confused with the "medicine work" to harm Zhou Bingyuan, but how can this feudal superstition be my guilt? "

It was not the first time for Zhou Longbin to cry out. In December 4, 2015, Zhou Longbin said, "I and Zhou Bing yuan are all victims, but I think I was the one who killed Zhou Bingyuan by sugary."

Zhou Longbin's cry for mercy was opposed by Zhou Bingyuan's family. Earlier, after the sentencing of the first instance, Zhou Longbin filed an objection in court and filed an appeal. At that time, the "cry for mercy" attracted a great deal of astonishment. The wife and relatives of Zhou Bingyuan, the victim, were accused of confusion in the court.

In July 9th, Zhou Bingyuan's son Zhou Zhipeng was on the top

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