Staff on water playing canoe fined the boss: humanistic care safety reminder

Staff on water playing canoe fined the boss: humanistic care safety reminder

Original title: a company in Chengdu was fined for staff playing canoe on water? Founder: not for punishing anyone, for safety warning from humanistic concern.

In July 11th, torrential rain swept across all Sichuan. In addition to the rainstorm in Chengdu, there is also a notice of a holiday in Chengdu. This is called chain Bo (Chengdu) science and technology company on July 11, 2018 full staff leave notice, on the Internet caused the netizen's competition.

In the text, it was written in the text that in July 11th, the first rainstorm red warning since 2013 was issued around Chengdu, near the Chengdu Software Park, the water level in Jinjiang had already broken through the warning line, and there was a risk of water pour in the park at any time. Some of our employees bought canoe and surfboard, and the water chasing game in the software park was a serious disruption to the garden. The order of the district is more dangerous.

In order to maintain the safety of employees' life and property, the company requires that all the employees voluntarily submit all the recreational facilities on the water, and the follow-up will be handled by the office of the park. Two employees of Zhang X and Li X who bought kayak have been paid 1 weeks' wages.

In addition, the company's research and decision, July 11th afternoon 3 official holiday, all the employees go home office, requiring staff to adhere to the ship, not swimming, no water "three no" principle. Ask the staff to finish punching cards on the nail before 4. The unification of no punching cards is regarded as absence from home and processing by absenteeism. At the end of the notice, the company's official seal was also attached.

After the announcement was sent to the Internet, it aroused heated debate. Some netizens believe that this way of entertainment is not appropriate. At the same time, some netizens believe that people in Chengdu are enjoying themselves in the rain, reflecting the positive and optimistic spirit of their employees.

At 5 p.m. the same day, the cover news reporter contacted the Chengdu Software Park, the other said that the company was a software park enterprise, but the place for the water chase game was the I LOVE CD sculpture office, not in the park.

Subsequently, the cover journalist found the official micro-blog of chain Bo (Chengdu) technology company, and again verified the content of the notice. A person who claimed to be a customer service official said that the content of the notice was true. The company did have a holiday on that day. But the content is "exaggerated". Customer service said that in the pursuit of the game, only the employees felt funny and took pictures. But whether the parties were punished specifically, the other side said, "not the parties, the specific is not very clear."

At about 6:30 in the afternoon, Zhu Qing, the founder of the Chengdu science and technology company, told the cover news reporter that the picture could accidentally walk on the Internet, and she felt very muddled.

The notice is the result of the discussion of the administration and personnel department. "Zhu Qing said that the decision was not really a punishment for anyone, but a warning. From the perspective of humanistic care, let us go home early so as not to have any accidents.

Secondly, as a start-up company, most of the employees are young people, and they are more active in diction. I didn't think of being sent to micro-blog by his colleagues to cause attention. Zhu Qing said, therefore, she also hopes to make an official clarification through cover news. "We are a technology led company, and we do not want to create an illusion for everyone.

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Heavy rain echoed north and south, affecting many provinces in Sichuan.

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