Chinese travel agents were arrested in Thailand and organized rescue of civilian search and rescue boats.

Chinese travel agents were arrested in Thailand and organized rescue of civilian search and rescue boats.

Original title: a Chinese travel agency employee in Thailand was arrested and organized to rescue civil search and rescue boats after the boat accident.

The investigation of the Phuket Island wreck accident in Thailand has not yet come out, but the Thai side has begun to detain Chinese employees of the travel agency and may be deported on the basis of the "impact on the national tourism image and the economy".

In the evening of July 10th, the Hunan lazy cat international travel agency, CEO, one of the travel agencies involved in a ship accident, presented a notice from the Thailand Immigration Bureau, which showed that a Chinese employee named Peng Daqian's travel agency would be revoked by the Thai side in Thailand's temporary permit, on the grounds that " The Meteorological Bureau has issued a marine storm and wave warning to tourists and has had an impact on the country's tourism image and economy.

According to the information of the lazy cat, Peng Daqian is a market manager of Lazycat travel, a joint venture travel agency set up by Hunan lazy cat travel agency in Puji, Thailand. It is 26 years old this year. It holds regular Thailand work visas and is engaged in tourist reception at Phuket Island, mainly serving Chinese tourists.

It is worth noting that the findings of the survey on the accident so far are not sufficient to prove that the weather bureau has issued a warning to travel agencies about the dangers of ocean storm and waves to the travel agencies before they go to sea.

At a press conference held in July 10th, the emperor hung out a green flag on the day of the accident (the editor's note: the flag hung on the flagpole of the sea dock, the red flag deputies forbidden to go to sea, the green flag to go to sea), the explanation was that even the green flag did not represent no danger on the sea.

As the Department responsible for hanging the flag is the maritime department, the Thai side also said it was investigating whether the relevant personnel of the maritime department were responsible.

But according to Yang Jing, as early as July 8th, the Thailand police had taken Peng Daqian away and imprisoned him. Yang Jing said that when Thailand police were taking away Peng, he told Lazycat travel other staff members that Peng Daqian was detained for the reason: "the scope of the Chinese work visa is not allowed to command ships to sea."

"We felt very strange at that time. Peng Daqian was only in the service and reception of the tourists in the travel agency. The only way to go to the sea, the only action that could be organized into the sea, was the 13 folk search of the lazy cat local suppliers after the death of the princess and Phoenix. The rescue ship arrived at the scene to rescue him. He even arrived earlier than the official rescue team in Thailand. Yang Jing said, "we must not be detained for Peng Daqian's rescue at sea."  

"But we finally found that the real reason for Peng Daqian's detention is completely different from what the police told us at that time." Yang Jing said that after Peng Daqian was taken away, they were transferred to the local immigration bureau for notification and translated into Chinese. "We were shocked to see this notice, which is to shirk responsibility to Chinese staff before the findings are released." Yang said, from the current travel agencies and ship companies to reflect, no one said in July 5th before the sea has received a "marine storm risk of tourists" travel ban.

Surging news learned that the Thai side issued a notice to Peng Daqian content shows:

The prosecutor of the Immigration Bureau was notified from the State Police Bureau and, in accordance with article B.E.2522 twelfth (7) of the immigration law, from July 8, 2018 to the future, a temporary permit for (Peng Daqian) in Thailand was cancelled. The following are the following: the main supervisor, as a tourist, is the chief supervisor of the travel tour of the sea, and has an impact on the national tourism image and economy of the (Thailand) state. The incident is an individual act, and the State forbids foreigners entering the Thailand who affect social trust, tranquility and stability or the detention order of other governments. Therefore, the immigration prosecutor revoked the temporary residence permit in Thailand on the basis of the twelfth Immigration Act 1979, promulgated by the immigration department in November 30, 1979.

The notice also showed that Peng dad was able to make a complaint, but it was required to submit a complaint file to the staff and pay 1900 baht (about 380 yuan) in 48 hours (before 23:30 in July 10, 2018).

"At that time, the Thailand police told us that the appeal period was within 7 days." Yang Jing said that if it was not later that the staff had been tossing the notice and taking the certificate, he might have missed the time, "it is also an inexplicable default of the" sea, and the impact on the national tourism image and economy. "

According to the latest news from the surging news, the lazy cat appeals before the final deadline of July 10th. After the completion of the complaint, the feedback from Thailand is to postpone Peng Daqian's detention for 14 days in order to review the submission material.

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