There are at least 8 cards in the trade between China and the US.

There are at least 8 cards in the trade between China and the US.

Original title: Sino US trade friction to upgrade again, China has at least 8 cards

On the 11 day, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement on the US side's announcement of a tariff list to be exported to the United States for $200 billion. The Ministry of Commerce said that in order to safeguard the core interests of the state and the fundamental interests of the people, the Chinese government will, as always, have to make the necessary counter measures. In addition, the US side's unilateral actions will be prosecuted immediately to the world trade organization.

Since July 6th, when the United States announced tariffs on 34 billion US dollars in goods exported to China, the Sino US trade war was officially launched. In the face of the ever expanding trend, how should China respond? Where is the bottom of the win? In this regard, Li Yong, vice director of the expert committee of the China International Trade Association, talked about China's 8 "bottom cards" in the trade war, sponsored by the China News Agency, "the contest behind the forum of China and the United States trade dispute".

The gas of China

China also has its own cards in the face of the pressure and blackmail imposed by the United States on China. Li Yong made a comprehensive analysis from 8 angles.

The first point is China's economic stability.

Li Yong said: "the most important capital of the trade war is the stable development of the economy. The Chinese economy has maintained a steady state at the moment and has the strength to continue to develop steadily in the future."

The second point is that China has a huge market.

"1 billion 400 million of the population, more than 200000000 of the middle income population, China can fight this trade war, one of the important basis is the huge market size of China." Li Yong said that the huge market not only provided huge development space for Chinese enterprises, but also created a great attraction for foreign enterprises to create profits and development opportunities. This is the unique advantage of China.

The third point is that China has a complete range of industries.

It is understood that China is the only country in the world that owns all the categories in the United Nations industrial classification catalogue, that is to say, China has 41 industrial categories, 191 middle classes and 525 small categories.

"China's complete industrial category provides China with competitive advantages in foreign trade competition. It is an important source of China's competitiveness. It can provide sufficient manufacturing power for the development of China's economy, and it is also the essential foundation for China's future industrial upgrading." Li Yong pointed out that in future China's various industrial sectors still need to continue to improve their quality on this basis.

The fourth point is that China has full innovation momentum.

Li Yong made this judgment mainly based on two sets of data.

First, in 2017, 2.12% of China's GDP was used for R & D, and China's R & D expenditure amounted to 17500 billion yuan, basically unchanged from that of developed countries.

Secondly, according to the report issued by the world intellectual property organization, China is the second largest patent applicant in the world, and has been the only country with double digit growth since 2003. The World Intellectual Property Organization predicts that China will exceed the United States in the next three years.

"China has made many achievements in the field of innovation in recent years. But there is still a lot of room for development in the future. " Li Yong said.

The fifth point is that China has a good atmosphere for entrepreneurship.

In this regard, Li Yong said: "China has always stressed the national entrepreneurship, the latest data show that the new registered entrepreneurs in China are 17 thousand and 600, which means that these new enterprises and new employment opportunities will form a new competitive advantage. The government is also creating a good environment for entrepreneurship. "

The sixth point is the continuous emergence of new formats, new models and emerging industries in China.

Li Yong said: "China is constantly emerging new formats, new models, such as electronic payment and e-commerce promoted by financial science and technology, and the sharing of economic models, adding new advantages to the economy. New industries, including new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, electric vehicles, robots, etc., are all innovating and developing. In the future, the future will more strongly support economic development. "

The seventh point is that China occupies a key position in the global value chain.

"After 40 years of development, China has enjoyed a pivotal and important position in the global value chain and supply chain system and is constantly climbing." Li Yong said that the value chain and supply chain of China's industry are extending under the impetus of "one way and one way", and the future will carry out economic and trade cooperation in the wider range of the world.

The eighth point is that China has institutional advantages.

"China has institutional advantages, and it can focus on the advantages of resources and integrate resources through national policy and government decision-making. From the point of view of trade war, I think it can effectively manage the front-end and backend of trade war." Li Yong said.

China must fight this trade war

Since July 6th, when the United States announced tariffs on 34 billion US dollars in goods exported to China, the trade war was officially launched. In this regard, Li Yong said: "unilaterally provoking Sino US trade war, the overall economy of the United States will be affected, its cost structure, profit expectation and investment decision will all be negatively affected by trade war, including American consumers, and will eventually pay for the sub trade war."

In fact, this step is not the result of China's desire. Earlier, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly stated that China does not want to fight a trade war. In the negotiations on Sino US trade, China has shown considerable sincerity, including a number of measures to increase exports from the United States to China.

But on the contrary, the United States has been repeatedly eating words, ignoring the results of the two sides' negotiations, deviating from the common concerns of both sides, undermining the basis for the consensus of the two sides and getting farther and farther along the road of unilateralism.

Why is the United States unwilling to accept the solution of Sino US economy? In Li Yong's view, if the Trump administration accepts the economic plan, China's "brand" will lose the role of "political Instigation" in the mid-term elections and even general elections. The second is the change in economic strength between China and the United States. "From the perspective of economic comparison, there has been no significant change in the proportion of the United States and other economies in proportion over the years, but the proportion of China is increasing gradually, which leads to the global economic share of the United States." The economic plan is clearly unable to curb China's purpose.

Li Yong further explained: "the United States puts forward the so-called 'structural change' to China's economic system, pointing directly to the development path, development model and mode of development of China. In a sense, it is to subvert the basic framework of current economic activities, trying to change China from the system, in accordance with the expectations and requirements of the United States. The way to develop. This is China that can't be allowed to return. As a result, the United States has put pressure on the development of China in the form of trade war, putting pressure on China's development and squeezing the trade and technological space of China's development. China has no way out. We must fight this trade war. "

In addition, Li Yong said that, for the United States, it is just a mid-term election. At this time trade war itself can be a tool and unilaterally provoke Sino US trade war. The United States can not only contain China, but also affect domestic politics, stir up the pattern of the two parties and even play the role of the attitude of the voters.

(according to Li Yong's speech at the China News Agency, the forum is: finishing the contest behind the Sino US trade dispute)

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