Ofo overseas Retreat: Davy withdrew from overseas after three overseas operations.

Ofo overseas Retreat: Davy withdrew from overseas after three overseas operations.

After he took charge of overseas operations, he adjusted strategy and ploughed key markets, and ofo withdrew from the Middle East, Israel and Australia. At home, ofo is also facing great challenges. Sharing the bicycle "second half" war situation, ofo seems to have fallen.

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After rapidly expanding and completing the goal of entering 20 countries, ofo adjusted its overseas strategy.

Recently, Australian media The Advertiser quoted the ofo spokesman as saying that ofo will gradually end the company's operations in Australia within the next 60 days.

The spokesman said it was a "strategic decision" that ofo would give priority to developing key international markets and to "reduce" its business in Sydney and Adelaide over the next two months. But he did not specify where the market would be prioritize.

In October 2017, ofo announced its official entry to Sydney, Australia, and was endorsed by Bicycle NSW of New South Wales Cycling Association. When operating in Sydney, ofo followed a "reasonable layout" commitment, and first launched 200 small yellow cars, followed by an increase in the proximity of Warwick Leigh and the parliamentary region of the city of NSI. Prior to that, ofo was the first to operate successfully in Adelaide.

Despite the popularity of shared bicycles in China and other countries, Australian law forcing cyclists to wear helmets, coupled with complaints from the masses of the destruction of equipment and disorderly bikes, makes the sharing of bicycles difficult in the Australian market.

"In this process, ofo will reclaim bicycles from the city and will be integrated into our warehouse," the ofo spokesman said. "This decision is not easy to do. The ofo Australian branch will take action responsibly and resolve any unresolved issues before the end of the operation is finalized."

This is just a market for ofo to withdraw overseas. A few days ago, ofo also announced its withdrawal from the Middle East and Israel markets. According to the moving point technology, most of the employees of the ofo India branch have been fired, and ofo has now terminated the rest of India's cities in addition to Pune (Pune). At this time, the distance from ofo to the area is only 2 months.


Streamlining business ofo to adjust overseas strategy

As early as November 2016, the two founders of ofo visited Singapore and visited Singapore, wandering around the city center for four hours and found only two single riders, and ofo set the first stop to the sea in Singapore.

After that, the successful test of ofo in Singapore has entered 20 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Holland and France.

Like the rapid expansion of early ofo in China, ofo has expanded rapidly overseas. By the end of 2017, ofo had operated more than 50 cities overseas. At the same time, its rival, the company, rapidly expanded its overseas business in 7 and August last year.

According to 36 krypton report, in early October 2016, Davy appointed the letter to suspend Guangzhou's expansion business and take charge of international affairs. When he was just three months after his graduate degree, he had no experience in the sea. He and Davy complained that he was not the most suitable person and suspected that internationalization was not a good time for ofo at that time.

Because of anxiety, Davy decided to take the road of internationalization, so as to be faster than competitors and let the latecomers be unable to enter. The competitive way of sharing bicycles in China has been copied to overseas battlefields by ofo.

This expansion soon brought bitter fruit. Ofo has been hindered in terms of operations, personnel recruitment and relations with the local government.

Half a year ago, the sound of a single car was shared and the overseas "enclosure war" was carried out. Many overseas cities have begun to "quietly lay off" and "evacuate". The reason for it is that ofo comes down to "strategic adjustment".

In July 6, 2018, ofo announced a new strategy for the overseas market, which said it would enter the second strategic phase of its pioneering business phase, and ploughed the major or rapidly growing key markets such as Singapore, the United States and France.

Ofo said that the overseas market has completed the stage of opening up business. With the experience and data of the first year global operation, ofo will open the second strategic phase overseas, plough the key market, select the fine management and operation of the key market, and deepen the global cooperation.

In the new strategic stage, ofo founder and CEO Davy is directly responsible for overseas business. Ofo also said that in the configuration of overseas personnel, it will be optimized and adjusted according to the new strategic needs to improve the management mechanism of various overseas teams in order to achieve more precise and efficient operation results.

Ofo said that its overseas urban users have a high level of consumption and have formed a payment habit. The price of cycling in these cities is more than 6 times that of the domestic market, bringing overseas revenues. After entering the new strategic stage of overseas, ofo will carry out meticulous operation for Singapore, the United States and France, which are large or fast-growing regions. In different markets, ofo will deepen market cooperation and enhance service upgrading according to different user habits and market characteristics.

According to the data published by the ofo, as of May this year, the cumulative order of ofo Singapore has exceeded 25 million, and the user accounts for about 1/5 of the total population, with an average of about 1 million orders per week. Ofo has entered the US for 10 months, and has already provided services for nearly 30 cities. Its orders exceeded 1 million in the first quarter of this year. In the UK, the number of ofo users has exceeded 30 times the number of bicycles. In France, Paris, Milan and other cities, the number of users exceeds at least 10 times the number of vehicles, or even tens of times.

However, a month before ofo announced the new strategy of overseas market, there were media reports that ofo was running poorly in Singapore. At the beginning of June, 50% of the ofo small yellow car and Singapore team received a notice of layoffs, and in a local logistics company in Singapore, ofo was on sale at a discount of about $50 per unit of RMB and RMB 240 yuan, according to the moving point technology. Ofo responded: "ofo has a business relationship with a freight forwarder / logistics company in Singapore and has agreed to pay for the related services. In view of the fact that ofo is discussing with the company, we believe that the action taken by the other side is too radical at this time. While considering legal means, ofo is also working hard to avoid ofo property being sold. "


Ofo concerns in the country

In addition to overseas markets, ofo is facing great challenges at home. The share single car industry, which seems to have been set, has come into the second half of the accident. The rapid expansion of the harrow's bicycle and the beauty of the motorist will make the competition more lasting and intense.

Unlike previous simple burning cars, the competition has reached a new stage. In July 5th, 3 months after the mission was bought by the United States, it launched four strategies - the app home page, the national non - threshold deposit, the launch vehicle, and the whole life recovery system. This is a new move after the integration of the great life system of the United States, and it is also the first competition with ofo and harrow for the industry.

From these new initiatives, we can compare the speed of three current competition.

In March, harrow took the lead in introducing a gold - free deposit strategy, but on the premise that the user's credit reached 650 points, which helped harrow reaping a large number of users, while ofo announced a comprehensive cancellation of the credit free deposit.

As for the vehicle, harrow has already launched a vehicle in a number of cities throughout the country. According to harrow, the overall daily orders have exceeded 1 million, and harrow has launched a vehicle in a number of cities throughout the country. But the motor vehicle has not been widely launched at present, only in a small number of cities to pilot, the responsible person said that there is no clear timetable for the launch of the MBI. Ofo was launched in June last year in the development of intelligent power car, but the streets do not see ofo's power car.

In building the whole life recovery system, at present, the first step is to recover, depreciate and recycle.

From the intelligence of the single car, harrow COO Han and the United States once received all - weather technology reports, every car in harrow is a back-end intelligent monitoring, through large data to the single vehicle scheduling and malfunction processing. The AI's intelligent lock has GPS positioning function and can connect to the back-end program. In the early stage, ofo used a mechanical password lock, and the later gradually used the intelligent lock instead. According to the ofo, the current intelligent lock single car can be connected to the background for monitoring.

At present, there is a United States group behind the mus, which is now in the app homepage of the United States group, and there is an ant gold suit behind harrow, the two in the single car, the car, the car and other aspects of the competition are roundly roundly, and the ofo of the Alibaba invested by the single car is still fighting in the solitary army, in speed and business expansion, It seems to be lagging behind.


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