Media: the Chinese women who are eager to take off the list are not married.

Media: the Chinese women who are eager to take off the list are not married.

Original title: Chinese women who are eager to get rid of the list do not marry.

Source: China Newsweek

Desire to take off the bill, refuse to marry

The world of young people understand

An increasingly interesting difference is that young people cry out in order to get rid of the screams.

The 2018 single women survey report shows that nearly 90% of single women are eager to take off, but nearly 70% single women are in favor of late marriage.

Young people do not feel that a person has been really good, love or longing, but not to get married.


Nowadays, young people will not force themselves to do anything that does not catch cold.

Cousin after 90, usually working in the field, whether or not to talk about boyfriend, do not tell the family at all. Before the new year's Eve, only a little news came out. I had talked with a fellow countryman for several years.

The news exploded, and aunt Auntie hurried to get married. This year, there was still no news. My cousin didn't go home in the new year. Finally, aunt aunt compromised: you are happy.

Young people are happy and fewer people get married. In the first quarter of 2018, the number of married people in the country was 3 million 17 thousand pairs, down 5.7% compared with the same period last year, which dropped by 29.54% compared with the number of marriages in the same period 5 years ago.

And 5 years ago, the rate of marriage no longer maintained positive growth, but declined year by year. Meanwhile, the divorce rate has been increasing year by year since 2009. In 2014, it was the golden intersection of the two.

In China, marriage and childbearing are closely related. Unmarried childbearing and de facto marriages commonly seen in western countries have not yet been recognized in China. The reduction of marriage rate will affect the birth rate, thereby affecting the population size and structure, and ultimately accelerate the aging of society.

The higher the level of economic development, the lower the marriage rate, the lowest three provinces and cities in Zhejiang, marriage rate fell to less than 0.63%. At the same time, Zhejiang is also one of the earliest provinces to enter the aging population in China.

The Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Civil Affairs issued the "2017 statistics bulletin on the elderly population and the cause of aging", which shows that the aging coefficient of Zhejiang has increased from 15% at the end of 2007 to 21.77% at the end of 2017.


The delay in marriage age is an important reason for the decline in marriage rate.

According to the current policy of family planning in China, it is later than the legal marriage age (Women 20 years old, male 22 years old) and more than 3 years of marriage (women 23 years old, male 25 years old), that is, late marriage.

Young people today are far from married. A nationwide network of first marriage age maps shows that the average age of marriage in Hunan is 25 years old.

In all provinces and municipalities, the average age of first marriage in Jiangsu is astonishing. According to the marriage statistics released by Jiangsu provincial Civil Affairs Department in 2017, the average age of first marriage in Jiangsu is 34.2 years old.

Among them, the female is 34.3 years old, the male is 34.1 years old.

Moreover, the Jiangsu people collectively married thirty times, and the earliest married people in Suzhou were 30.2 years old. In addition, there are 5 cities of single youth over the age of 35 to get married.

You know, in 2012, the average age of first marriage in Jiangsu was 29.6 years old. In the past 5 years, the average age of first marriage in Jiangsu is increasing at the rate of about 1 years.

How late will it take to bring up grandchildren? Mom and dad can't wait, but young people are not in a hurry, and their attitude is clear: good food is not afraid of late.

Some netizens said, "there is no age to marry, only the feeling of marriage. I was born with no obligation to become a wife or a mother. Marriage and child birth are not necessary options. "


Young people approve of late marriage rather than refuse to marry. This is the first thing to be clear about.

According to the data of Jane web, the number of registered users increased by 112% before the Spring Festival. After going through the Spring Festival to urge marriage, many single men and women are motivated to take off their singles and will be singled out for new year's wishes.

According to the survey report of 2018 single women, only 19% of women marry late because of celibacy. Those who shout "one person has done well" is nothing but sour.

Most of the young people, like Faye Yu in the clang three people, said the state: first I am not a celibate, I am not an unmarried, my state is only not married, I just say I am not so anxious, to choose the age to have to have a real marriage.

Faye Yu's idea of marriage and love is very powder: not getting married is not a particularly difficult choice, but which is more comfortable and at which stage.

In her opinion, many married couples have nothing to say. The loneliness of two people is more sad than loneliness.

Netizens quipped that at least 90% of women married and regret that they married this man, and 100% of them felt good about their wives after they got married.

A cousin of an old schoolmate, after his early marriage, gave birth to two babies and resigned as a full-time housewife. The result is now the husband's mouth "she does not have to work".

If the economy is not independent, women will never be independent. More and more women realize the importance of economic independence, ideological independence and emotional independence. Marriage is not a necessary option.

The economic situation has made the young people be afraid of marriage, but not the young people want to drag their marriage away. This is second things that need to be clear.

Zhou Jun, who had discussed the topic of late marriage on micro-blog, praised the top three netizens' comments, all about the economic situation:

Material good, three views are in line with each other. Material life can not keep up with three views.

The 80% reason is poverty. After all, the poor and the poor have a lot of grief.

Buying a house, getting married and having children will lead to a sharp decline in the quality of life.

Colleagues and boyfriend talked about the 9 years of love is not married, according to the two of them, to establish business, wait for a stable economy, enough to save the "wife" and remarry.

According to the data of the 2018 single female survey report, 25% of the women believe that the reasons for the late marriage are more and more material conditions for marriage, and 27% of the women believe that a stable income is the main source of happiness.

High intensity jobs, high housing prices and expensive education cost the young people to worry about the future and have to constantly lower their desires. In the book "low desire society" written by Japanese writer Kenichi Ohmae, late marriage is one of the concrete manifestations of low desire.

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of social security and population issues in Japan, the proportion of men who had never married before 50 years old in 2015 was 23.37%, and that of women was 14.06%. It is estimated that about half of the Japanese people will be single in 2035.

What young people need is the essence of marriage. It is the two adults who decide to live together and share their lives, and they must be the psychological adult. This is the third thing to be clear about.

Some writers wrote, "to some extent, the tragedy of many Chinese marriages is the two children who live together, not two adults."

There was a good brother who paid a lot for love, and his girlfriend was very moved. But he was not moved, so he paid for it and married him.

He felt that the conditions for his girlfriend to marry were very empty: two people were happy in their emotions and urged each other to make progress. This makes him unable to start. If he wants a house car, he also knows how to lay hands on it and make efforts to make money.

After a bit of understanding, he continued to train how to control his emotions, how to solve the problem quickly, and learn how to communicate effectively with the language of a girlfriend...

In the end, he discovered that this is actually a mature accomplishment of an adult. "It is not exaggerated that some people are still thirty years old."

After all, it is better to lead a man than to find a giant baby.

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