The 1 year old girl had 4 centimeters long needles on her heart.

The 1 year old girl had 4 centimeters long needles on her heart.

Original title: at the moment when the chest of 1 year old was opened, the doctor was shocked too! It was the habit of mother that had hurt her.

1 year old baby girl suddenly coughed at night,

Parents take a baby to see a doctor.

The doctor was surprised to find out,

A long needle of about 4 centimeters.

In the heart of the child!

Many girls at the age of 1 have a sudden cough.

Chen Chen (pseudonym) 1 years and 8 months, is a lovely and lively girl. Last month, she had fever and cough, especially when she was lying flat at night.

Father, Mr. Xie, as usual, gave the medicine to the Chen Chen, but she did not see the improvement, and she could also cough and worry about the child's illness. In June 26th, the couple took their daughter to the Wuhan children's hospital.

Doctor Wang in the Department of Cardiology, because the parents said the child coughed at night violently, after a preliminary examination, in order to be cautious, he suggested taking X - ray to check lung infection.

There's a foreign body in the chest!

After Mr. Xie took the film on Chen Chen, the family was preparing to leave, and was stopped by a radiologist. He asked him whether there was any metal on his Chen's clothes. He and his wife were surprised to find out. After that, the doctor asked them to take off all the clothes of Chen Chen, and invited another experienced doctor to take a picture of the child again.

After Mr. Xie and his wife were worried, the doctor who was filming told Mr. Xie: "we are sure that there should be foreign body in the chest." "What is it?" Mr. Xie and his wife were scared. "It looks like a high density metallic material with a long profile."

The husband and wife hurriedly took the picture to see Dr. Wang. Dr. Wang was surprised when he saw the film. He immediately contacted the director of the Department of cardiothoracic surgery of Wuhan children's Hospital, and sent the film of Chen Chen to the other side. "Come in right now. It's very likely that you need emergency surgery!" The director of the skin replied immediately.

The hospital opens the green passage for Chen Chen, with the fastest speed to perfect the electrocardiogram, CT, heart color Doppler and so on, and preliminarily delineate the location of the foreign body. At the left ventricular apex of the heart of Chen Chen, about 2 millimeters thick, shape like a long needle and need to be removed as soon as possible. If the foreign body continues to move, it may pierce the heart and lead to rupture and bleeding. It may also burst blood vessels with blood flow, and the consequences are unthinkable.

Doctor: the child is really big!

Because more than 5 o'clock that afternoon, after the morning crying, parents fed milk, so the operation can only be arranged after 6 hours of fasting, that is, 26 hours later at 11 o'clock.

Although cardiac color Doppler ultrasound basically determines the range of foreign objects, it is not easy to find the foreign body quickly, not to mention that the foreign body is only 2 millimeters in diameter and has been wrapped by body tissue. Based on rich experience, PI director lock-in the location of foreign bodies by observing and touching the left ventricular apex wall.

The director of the skin separates it carefully from the body, and finally takes out a needle that is about 4.5 centimeters long. It has been rusted and speculated that it has been stuck in the body for a period of time.

The children's right lung, diaphragm and foreign body where there have been adhesion and infection, but not too serious, there is no massive bleeding in the heart wound, the director of the skin of the wound was sutured, after the operation was 27 in the morning. "Fortunately, the needle is not thick, not to the heart and blood vessels." Mr. Chen, the director of the leather name, regrets that the Chen Chen is really big.

It turned out that mother had this habit

How does this needle stick into the body? Chen's mother said, his full time with her baby, usually more love sewing, a needle box at home, this needle is also his own, but when lost, how to get into the child's body, the couple do not know.

Speaking of this experience, the two people are very grateful for the rapid and accurate medical treatment of the doctor of Wuhan children's hospital.

Director of the skin reminding, before has also received similar embroidery needle into the baby's body cases, most of the parents in bed quilt, clothing, the needle remains on the bed, children in bed rolling, play by needle, hope parents must take good care of these dangerous goods.

Every summer vacation is a year

The high incidence of accidental injury in children

Home has become the "most dangerous" place!

No, it's only a week.

A 9 year old boy in Huanggang is in his neighbour's house

Be careless

Swallow a 3.5 centimetre long nail into the belly!

This year's 9 year old Jia Jia (alias), who lives in Huanggang, has already had his summer vacation this week. These days, my mother went to the mother's home in the province to visit her family. Mr. Li, a father, was an electrician. He didn't rest assured that his son was at home alone. When he went out to work, he took Jia Jia to his side.

On the morning of July 5th, Mr. Li took Jia Jia to his neighbor's home to work. Jia Jia was always close to himself and was very naughty, but Mr. Li noticed that when he worked, there was a few days of Jia Jia, who stayed in the corner of the house and kept silent.

Mr. Li asked him what he was doing, and his son replied, "nothing." When he wanted to install the panel, Mr. Li suddenly noticed that he had lost a screw. He searched it carefully and failed to find it. Occasionally there will be parts missing. He doesn't care much.

At this time, the son is a little embarrassed to walk to Mr. Li and ask him, "what would you do, Dad, if a little friend swallowed the nail in his stomach?" "Silly, that's sharp. It will break the intestines." Mr. Li laughed, but after a minute he suddenly reacted, and quickly asked Jia Jia: "did you swallow the nail?" Give a nod to Jia Jia.

Mr. Li hurried his son to the local hospital. On the way Jiajia said, he played the end of the nail head in his mouth, accidentally sucked in and swallowed his stomach. The local hospital showed that the nail was indeed at the first lumbar level of the child.

In order to remove nails as soon as possible, local doctors recommend transferring to professional hospitals. On the 6 day, Mr. Li and his younger sister came to Wuhan children's hospital with their son.

In combination with the results of the related examination, in order to avoid further injury to the child, Dr. Liu of the digestive department decided to explore the foreign body with a gastroscope on the day and take out as much as possible.

In the afternoon, the doctor found that under the gastroscope, the nails were not seen in the stomach. The doctor kept looking down until the nail was found in the descending part of the duodenum.

This means that the nail has "travelled" over the esophagus, the stomach, the pylorus, the duodenum, and other parts of the ball. In this position, the gastroscope is still Mian and strong enough to get enough. The doctor successfully removed an iron nail about 3.5 centimeters long.

She said that Jiajia had ulcers on the surface of her esophagus and duodenum, presumably caused by nails.

If the nail is not taken out in time, because of the role of gastrointestinal motility, the nail will continue down, unless the nail keeps "erect", otherwise it is likely to scratch the intestines, or even cause obstruction, at this time to take out, the child can only "next to a knife", do surgery.

Dr. Liu said that a number of children who have been mistaken for foreign bodies, such as coins, hair cards, nails and batteries, are the most common in 1-5 year old infants. With the increase in the number of second child families, Dabao has given more than 2 months to the two treasures feeding button batteries thrilling case.

In fact

Many injuries can be prevented and avoided.

Look at what the expert says

Experts say Peng Hanming, director of the two ward of Gastroenterology, Wuhan children's Hospital, reminds parents that this kind of child's accidental injury focuses on prevention. Parents should put the small items in the home where the children can not get the place, education children do not put foreign objects into the mouth or other holes in the body, once the mistakenly swallow, it must be immediately sent to the hospital, must not be swallowed through the way to eliminate foreign objects, especially in the process of eating sharp items, in the process of swallowing. It is possible to break the esophagus and cause perforation of digestive tract bleeding.

A careless parent

The child followed the crime

What is the most important thing in summer vacation

The child said, "happiness is the most important"

Parents say that the most important part of the study

Health and safety are the most important

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