Is "Dezhou" in Shandong or the United States? The net friend replied


Original title: anecdote "Dezhou" in Shandong or the United States? The net friend replied.

Speaking of Dezhou,

What is your first reaction?

Texas, USA?

Dezhou chicken, Dezhou poker,

TI, Dezhou chainsaw killer...

@ Qilu Evening News: "you see, look at Baidu, even search engines think."

Not only netizens, but also the search engine automatically associated with Dezhou, Texas.

The official micro-blog of Dezhou, a public security officer, was finally unable to resist it.

Observer network on micro-blog, AIT Dezhou canal public security sub Bureau official micro-blog:

Dezhou canal public security official micro-blog reluctantly responded:

Even the famous Dezhou braised chicken, some netizens are confused.

The most hilarious is netizens' "God's reply".

There are also places that are easily confused.

Huangshi, Hubei and Yellowstone National Park in the United States

Beihai, Guangxi and Beihai, Beijing

Aden and the Gulf of Aden, Sichuan

Morocco and Monaco

Songzi, Hubei and Ganzi, Sichuan

Taizhou, Jiangsu and Taizhou, Zhejiang

Shenzhou, Hebei and Shenzhen, Guangdong

Do you know any places that are easy to be confused? Write down your message in the review area.

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