Female giant fled for 13 years and changed face. Finally, she was caught with it.

Female giant fled for 13 years and changed face. Finally, she was caught with it.

Original title: absconding for 13 years, cosmetic face changed, and finally caught with it!

The website of the State Commission for the discipline Commission of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China reported a "strange" case on the web of "action sky net".

It happened in Shenzhen, in 2005, when Pan Moufen, who was a business accountant, suddenly lost contact with him. In the investigation, the procuratorial organ found that a large number of public funds were in deficit, and the relevant financial vouchers disappeared without any reason. Until recently, Pan Moucai was caught in the hunt.

It was only 13 years before he was arrested, which was related to his "real effort" to hide his true identity. It is understood that during her absconding period, she used two different pseudonyms to deal with strangers, evade the use of identity documents to deal with personal affairs, never rented a house legally, and went to a regular hospital to see a doctor and so on.

It is worth noting that she also used the "cosmetic" means, trying to make her "hide" better. She had plastic surgery on her eyes and nose to change her appearance. And, during her absconding, she went to many cities in China, "one has the wind and the wind, the nerves are extremely nervous, and the shortest way is only one or two weeks to run. Most of the time she is wandering in the north, although she is very worried about her family and dare not go back to Guangdong."

After the arrest, she was regretful for absconding. She used the two words of "trying hard" and "being in fear" to describe the "life" of the 13 years. Perhaps many readers are interested: since she has used the "advanced means" such as cosmetic surgery to evade the pursuit, what is the success of pursuing the stolen goods?

In fact, over the years, the judiciary has never stopped tracing the whereabouts of pan, but for a long time, it has not been able to capture the clues of pan. Until the beginning of January 2018, the Nanshan District supervisory committee of Shenzhen was founded and assumed the responsibility of coordinating and coordinating the pursuit of stolen goods.

More importantly, "according to the city's unified deployment, the District Supervision Commission set up a special pursuit of the work department, and the use of anti-corruption coordination group mechanism advantages, coordination of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Nanshan Branch information, criminal police, network police and other departments to chase the stolen goods group." in March this year, Pan's case was set as the order The focus of the work was focused on breakthroughs. In addition, the working group makes full use of the advantages of the public security department in large data and information warfare. Through data comparison, the working group is in a large scale in the massive data associated with pan. Eventually, PAM was captured in an upscale hotel, which has long been locked down by the working group.

It is worth noting that this big data collection method has played a miraculous effect in many parts of the country. According to the China discipline inspection report, Chongqing City compacted and pursued the stolen goods, relying on the real-time comparison of the large data information platform, accurately "positioning" the fleeing personnel to improve the efficiency of pursuit of stolen stolen goods. In the first half of 2017, 13 people were recovered and more than 400 yuan were recovered. This achievement is excellent in the whole country, which is obviously inseparable from the enormous help of information technology and new scientific and technological means.

ID:hycplb has noticed that information and big data have been applied more and more in the pursuit of stolen goods. "The Chinese discipline inspection and supervision newspaper" published in August 2016 pointed out: "the traditional supervision mode is more human supervision, afterwards supervision, time-consuming and hard work and omission, and the application of large data platform, the dynamic monitoring and timely warning of key links, will greatly compress the space for power seeking." Especially for all kinds of "micro corruption" and "grass-roots corruption", the means of big data can often play a more targeted role.

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