SFC: vigilance Internet "illegal recommendation stocks" risk

SFC: vigilance Internet

In the near future, illegal elements use WeChat, micro-blog, network live room, forum, stock bar, QQ and other Internet tools or platforms to carry out "illegal recommendation" activities. The characteristics of such illegal activities are as follows: first, the illegal elements, such as "the public number, the circle of friends, the addition of friends", the micro-blog, the forum, the stock bar, the QQ, and so on, have exaggerated preaching terms such as "large data consultation" "recommended black horse", "expert one to one guidance", "no income and no charge", or "performance". ",", recruit members or customers; two, after the investors join the WeChat group, QQ group, network live room, there are self called "teacher" "expert" "stock god" "old master", to impart the stock experience and train stock skills as the name, in fact, to the investors to the illegal recommendation of shares, to get "reward fee" "training fee" or receive. For profit sharing, some unlawfully recommends shares for free, and then invites investors to join the "internal VIP group" or "VIP Live Room", claiming that more professional "teachers" provide higher end services and charge high service fees with various names; and three are some illegal elements to "recommend shares". In the name of other illegal activities, such as the use of WeChat group, QQ group, network live room, such as real-time shouting, command investors to buy and sell shares at the same time, suspected of manipulating the market, or deceive investors to participate in spot trading (precious metals, artworks, postal money cards, etc.) or foreign futures trading, to seek illegal interests. These illegal activities are varied and deceptive, but the lawless elements often do not have a fixed business place, run a crime, or even hide out of the country, seriously damaging the interests of investors and the normal order of the securities market.

In this regard, investors should be reminded that, in accordance with the provisions of the Securities Act regulations, the Interim Measures for securities and futures investment advisory and management, and other laws and regulations, to engage in Securities and futures investment consulting business, the business license of the CSRC must be obtained according to law; without the permission of the CSRC, any unit Neither individuals nor individuals may engage in Securities and futures investment advisory business. Investors are invited to choose legal securities and futures business institutions to obtain related investment advisory services, and to maintain high vigilance for various "recommendation shares" activities, away from the "illegal recommendation" activities, so as to avoid loss of property. The list of legitimate securities and futures institutions can be found on the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Association and the China Futures Industry Association.

At the same time, the Internet operators should be reminded that the network operators should take technical measures and other necessary measures according to the relevant provisions of the network security law to prevent the illegal and criminal activities of the network, strengthen the management of the information issued by their users, and discover the information that the laws and administrative laws prohibit the release or transmission of information. The information should be stopped immediately, and elimination measures should be taken to prevent the spread of information. The Internet operators should strengthen the awareness of the law and risk, strengthen the front-end review and real-time monitoring, and timely clean up the information of the "illegal recommendation shares", and undertake the "illegal recommendation" activities or provide convenience for the "illegal recommendation" activities.

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