The first time in the world cup, billions of billions of dollars were spent on bitcoin gambling.

The first time in the world cup, billions of billions of dollars were spent on bitcoin gambling.

Original title: the first case in the country! During the world cup, the "gambling casino" with billions of dollars in mobile Internet gambling with bitcoin gambling is being launched.

Guangdong police launched a "net network safety net 9" centralized network operation, smashing gambling APP, more than 70 websites, breaking the first new bit of bitcoin network gambling big case

Zhang Luyao correspondents of gold and sheep online news reporter Huang Jianbang Wang Qizhang Li Changda reported: during the world cup, the opening of gambling sites on the dark net, attracting friends to the ball, known as "Global Initiative", "the global work of dozens of countries", support bitcoin to present, 20 days bet over 100 billion yuan... The reporter learned from the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province on the 11 day that, under the coordinated command of the Ministry of public security, the provincial public security department organized the 21 city public security organs of the province to carry out the "net net safety net 9" to combat the world cup network gambling illegal crime collection. More than 20 criminal gangs were successfully knocked out and more than 540 suspects were seized and destroyed. Gambling APP, more than 70 websites, shutting down the network social networking platform chat group more than 250, freezing the amount involved more than 2.6 billion yuan.

Among them, during the world cup, Maoming police broke the first big case of gambling with bitcoin, which was the most representative of the new network gambling cases.

Gambling in the world cup

Guangdong public security network police department in charge of the person in charge, in recent years, network gambling crime has developed rapidly, forms emerge in endlessly, play a variety of patterns. In the recent work, Maoming police found that illegal elements used dark net technology to set up casinos on the network platform, and claimed that "support the world's common bitcoin, the ether Fang and lt currency recharge, and the simultaneous work of dozens of countries in the world" attracted large numbers of fans to bet. At the same time, local police also found that several gambling groups used the Internet social networking platform to promote the gambling platform during the world cup.

After the related clues were reported, the deputy governor and director of the public security hall, Li Chunsheng, asked for a severe attack on the related criminal gangs. The Guangdong police quickly set up a special case group and listed the net gambling crime as "net net an net 9" to carry out investigation.

According to the investigation, apart from Maoming bitcoin gambling platform is operated in dark network, the rest of the gambling platform is mainly divided into two categories: website and APP. Most of the websites are "crown", "new Portugal", "Yongli" and other famous gambling websites. By browsing the website, the gamblers can register and log in. The APP class needs to be downloaded and installed to the mobile phone and operate in the APP. In fact, it is packaged for gambling sites, and the same gambling website group is corresponded to the back.

A number of Internet gambling clubs have been destroyed, and dealers have freely manipulated odds.

Recently, the provincial public security department organized 21 municipal public security organs in Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan and other provinces and cities to carry out centralized network operations, and successfully destroyed the above network gambling gang.

According to the introduction, the network gambling Gang is closely related to the criminal gang, mostly "Pyramid" type of organizational structure model, layer to recruit agents, layers of development members, and from the membership of the amount of the amount of "pumping" to make profit. By analyzing the gamblers' betting, the dealer manipulates the odds according to the proportion of the bets, and makes the few people win the money. Most people play the water, and they get the difference. Some of the gamblers were in deep trouble, resulting in ruin and even theft, robbery and other illegal crimes.

The head of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Network Police Corps said that the public security organs will continue to maintain a high pressure on Internet gambling. At the same time, remind us that setting up a gambling platform and participating in Internet gambling are all illegal and criminal acts. Please let the majority of fans watch the game rationally and boycott gambling crimes consciously.

[typical case]

[case 1]

"The world's first" dark network gambling bitcoin cash advance betting amount of more than ten billion yuan

In May this year, Maoming police found that some lawmakers opened casinos on the Internet platform and declared that "the world is the first to create anti wave bile + welfare field + differential agent commission model, in the background of the English version, supporting the world's common bitcoin, the ether Fang and lt currency recharge, and the synchronization of dozens of countries in the world." Now, it has been running steadily for 231 days! " Attract a large number of fans to bet on the ball.

After the clues were reported, Li Chunsheng, vice governor and chief of public security, demanded the establishment of a task force to investigate immediately. The group found that the gang was suspected of encrypt money transactions, dark net activities, and set up casinos to carry out network gambling and other illegal activities. The network gambling platform server is built abroad. It is a traditional network gambling, dark net technology, block chain virtual currency trading + chat tool to promote operation crime group. A new form of network crime derived from the background of industry. With the use of virtual currency in China, which has not been effectively regulated in China, the crime group grabs huge profits from the virtual currency gambling on the gambling platform on the dark net, thus escaping the supervision of the public security organs and the banking supervision department.

Police introduced, the gang involved in the case of "steady earnings, no risk high income" as the bait, by attracting members after a commission model to encourage people to become agents, with the highest level of agency team, senior leadership team and members of the three class mode operation, using virtual currency as a bet to participate gambling.

The gambling platform has been operating on line for more than 8 months, and there are more than 8000 agents, including 330 thousand members, involving two countries and regions. The network gambling platform must have the referee to be registered account number to land, the registration needs to provide the bank account, cell phone number and other citizen data, after the registration success, a week must participate in gambling transactions, otherwise sealed.

Because the recharge of the platform only accepts the virtual currency, the technical difficulty is high, the general membership will not operate, so a lot of internal hedge groups are derived, and the agency funds are very frequent. Only 20 days before the closing of the net, the amount of the platform is over 100 billion yuan.

Recently, under the overall command of the provincial public security department, the case group destroyed the illegal website at one stroke and knocked out the criminal gangs using the illegal websites to gamble. 6 members of the core members of the gang were controlled in Chengdu, Guiyang, Changsha, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The bank account funds were frozen over 500 million yuan, and the vehicles and vehicles were seized. And a large number of bank cards, and seized a virtual currency worth about 10000000 yuan. This is also a new Internet gambling case caught by Maoming police during the world cup.

At present, the case is still in the further investigation.

[case 2]

A bet on the side of the bar is 5 million yuan a day.

At present, the World Cup football match is in full swing. In June 29th, the Zhaoqing Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the police force to collect the network, in one action to destroy a big crime gang that organized a network gambling game during a world cup. More than 110 people involved in gambling were captured, including more than 50 organizers and operators and more than 60 people who had been betting on the cases of computers, hand machines, bank cards and other items involved in the case. The fund is over 20 million yuan.

Recently, the Zhaoqing network police detachment found a huge criminal gang using overseas "crown" network to organize domestic personnel to conduct online gambling. The group has a large number of members, covering 8 districts in Zhaoqing.

As a result, the members of the gang are mainly divided into one class agent, two level agents and 3 levels of membership, the primary agent and the two agent are mainly engaged in the gambling account business, and the two agent through their own social channels, such as acquaintances, online orders, and other ways to organize social people to gamble the ball. There are various levels. Interests are drawn. In addition, the gambling network also has many terminal login modes, such as client, web page, mobile phone APP and so on, which provides many convenient channels for participating in gambling.

Gambling personnel usually gather in the bar, sauna and other places of entertainment to watch the ball, and the organizers mainly use the "crown" network to organize the World Cup Gambling agents often carry out "water" operation, that is, after the members' bet, through the special software to watch the whole, and then adjust the odds in time to produce a The best odds for agents are profit. Among them, the group member Wen Mou highest day gambling money transaction volume amounts to 5 million, the running water amount is very astonishing.

In the early morning of June 29th, the Zhaoqing Municipal Public Security Bureau organized a network of operations to destroy the above criminal gangs, and captured more than 110 suspects of the suspected gamble, and the freezing of funds exceeded 20 million yuan.

Police warned that Internet gambling is illegal and illegal, and the offenders will be punished. In the field of illegal Internet access, the public security organs have "zero tolerance" for online gambling behavior and resolutely crack down on it.

[case 3]

Two dimensional code to promote "World Cup win" frozen gambling related funds 20 million yuan

In June 15th, the Qingyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau organized a unified network collection operation, destroying 5 sites in Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Qingyuan and other places, seized 10 servers, captured more than 30 suspects, and found a batch of suspects, mobile phones, bank cards, company materials and official seals, and frozen funds over 20 million yuan.

It is understood that in recent years, Qingyuan network police department found in the work, some people in the jurisdiction of the Internet gambling activities. As a result, criminal gangs use two dimensional codes to promote "battle wolves to win treasure", "football win treasure", "win treasure VS turntable", "piglets win treasure", "ball ball win treasure" and other kinds of gambling games in WeChat and QQ.

During the world cup, the criminal gang developed a new Internet gambling game, the world cup, to provide the World Cup soccer gambling game for the gamblers. In order to attract the participation of gambling, the network gambling Gang uses "agent making money" gimmicks, so that the gamblers change into gambling agents, while participating in their own gambling, they gather more people around the network to earn commission for themselves. In this "money generating money" model, the gambling mentality of gamblers is greatly stimulated. In order to gain more gamblers, more people will join in gambling and bring more gamblers to gambling gangs.

In June 15th, the Qingyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau organized a unified network collection operation, destroying 5 sites in Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Qingyuan and other places, seized 10 servers, captured more than 30 suspects, and found a batch of suspects, mobile phones, bank cards, company materials and official seals. The core personnel such as "boss", "development and operation" and "promotion agent" were all brought to justice, and the frozen funds were more than 20 million yuan.

Police remind us that the masses must improve their sense of law. They should watch the ball and stay away from gambling online. The public security organs will intensify efforts to investigate and deal with such crimes as soon as possible, and crack down on such crimes.

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