German media stir up the relationship between China and Belarus: read more about Chinese philosophy and sow discord

German media stir up the relationship between China and Belarus: read more about Chinese philosophy and sow discord

Original title: German media provoked China white relations by: read more about Chinese philosophy, less sow discord!

On July 3rd, the guard of honor of the Chinese people's Liberation Army was invited to take part in the military parade of Belarus independence day in Minsk, capital of Belarus. This is a good thing to reflect the friendship between China and Belarus, but there are western media who want to take the opportunity to do things.

According to the Ministry of defense of Belarus, the voice of German voice sent questions to Bai Fang to explain why the soldiers of both China and Russia participated in the Independence Day parade ceremony in Belarus.

Vladimir Makarov, the director of the Press Bureau of the Ministry of defense of Belarus, made a clear response to this: the voice of Germany should not dismiss the relationship between White Russia and foreign relations, but should read more Chinese philosophical works.

He suggested that the German voice "do not seek hidden contradictions between Belarus and its allies" instead of looking at Chinese philosophy books. He stressed in the letter: "the person who asks this question should know a motto: 'it's hard to find a black cat in the dark room, especially when there is no cat in it."

According to the state news agency of Belarus, the visit of the Chinese military delegation to the White Russia aims to exchange training experience and to discuss the hot issues of bilateral cooperation and to participate in the celebration of the independence day of Belarus.

Belarus's defense ministry also stressed that its military policy is very open. The continued development of relations between Russia and Russia is the priority of the military policy of White Russia, and the participation of Chinese soldiers in Belarus Independence Day parade is also fully in line with the development of the relationship between China and China.

In July 2013, during the visit of President Lukashenka to Belarus, the two heads of state signed a joint statement to announce the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Belarus. The relations between China and white politics and economy and trade have developed smoothly. China is the third largest trading partner and the largest trading partner of Asia in Asia.

For the friendly diplomatic relations between China and Belarus, the website of today's Russian TV station has long been concerned. It is reported that China will build a large assembly plant of electric vehicles in Belarus. During the summit, the two countries also concluded an intergovernmental agreement on the visa exemption system, and China's "weight" in Belarus is growing day by day.

It is reported that on the eve of the SCO summit, the UK and Belarus joint venture Unison signed a major agreement on the production of Chinese electric vehicles in Belarus with China Zhongtai automobile. But this is not the largest cooperation between the two sides.

Zi Andrianof J Ki, Belarus's minister of economy, disclosed in May 24th that Bai intends to work with China to implement 160 projects in the field of manufacturing, electronics, optics, microbiology, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment by 2020.

According to Belarus's state news agency, Vice Premier Anatoly Kalinin was also satisfied with the construction process of the white Industrial Park in "giant stone" in an interview recently. Kalinin stressed that in the next five years, the industrial park will become the main driving force for Belarus's economic development. It is indeed a pearl on the economic belt of the silk road.

In addition, the official website of the Chinese government of Belarus has also issued a formal circular that "the mutual visa free system between the two sides will take effect from August 10th". Belarus ambassador to China Ruud also published this information on his twitter, and indicated that the time limit for visa free is 30 days, and China has approved the agreement.

Therefore, for the normal communication between the two countries, some western media speculating not only with the inherent bias, but also exposes the lack of basic news literacy, as the Ministry of defense of Belarus responded to: reading more Chinese philosophical works, less provocative.

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