40 cases involved in Beijing licensed car "licensed bid" minimum assessment price of 24 thousand and 300

40 cases involved in Beijing licensed car

Original title: 40 cases involving Beijing brand car start "brand bidding"

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Beijing high court, the Beijing court started the second phase of this year's judicial handling of the case of Beijing bus, a total of 40 small buses (with indicators) will be disposed of.

According to the regulations, the time for public participation in bidding is from 10:00 July 11th to 15:00 July 20th, and the auction will start in July 26th.

The small bus for judicial disposal is the vehicle which is sealed up and detained in criminal cases and civil and commercial cases. The public can log in to the Beijing property exchange Jing brand bus judicial disposal network platform through the Beijing court network, the Beijing city bus index control information system website and other channels to view the information of the disposal of the vehicle and the disposal of the vehicle information. Make an announcement and participate in the bidding.

The information and announcement of the vehicle's details, photos and other announcements were displayed on the Internet. There were 40 vehicles, of which the lowest evaluation price was an Dongfeng Citroen car with an assessment price of 24 thousand and 300 yuan. And from the past bidding situation, most of the participating bidder is to get the license plate. New Beijing News reporter Wang Mengyao

Who can participate in the bidding?

Who has the Yaohao qualification, has passed the examination, and has not signed the lottery.

According to the introduction, the bidder must have the qualification of the small passenger car shaking number, that is, in accordance with the regulations of the Provisional Regulations on the number of passenger cars in Beijing (revised 2013) rules and regulations (2013 Revision), the effective application code has been obtained in the Beijing city passenger car index control system, but the vehicle configuration has not been obtained. The standard person. Legal persons and other organizations are not allowed to participate in the bidding.

This means that if you want to participate in the bid, you must have the Yaohao qualification in Beijing, and have passed the examination and have not yet signed the lottery.

After determining the qualification of participating in the bidding, the bidder can log on to the Beijing property exchange Jing brand small bus judicial disposal network platform through the Beijing court network, the Beijing city bus index control information system website and so on, to view the disposal vehicle information, the disposal announcement, and participate in the bidding.

In order to become a bidder, the citizens who want to participate in the competition need to complete the registration, select the passenger car, pay the deposit and the registration fee before the deadline for the application of the application.

It is important to note that the intentional bidders can only choose a small bus in the judicial disposal of each Beijing bus, and no competition will not affect the next stage.

Who is the same car for the bid?

Look at the number of shaking numbers and the time of registration

It is understood that the judicial disposal of the Beijing brand passenger car continues to adopt the "bid model of the highest price limit", with the vehicle evaluation price as the starting price for the disposal, and the maximum price of the vehicle is 150% of the vehicle evaluation price. The buyer is the highest bidder in the limit of price.

Take the Audi Q7, which is the highest valuation price, for example, its assessment price is 368 thousand and 300 yuan, and the maximum price is 552 thousand and 500 yuan.

But how many people will be able to confirm the final ownership of a vehicle if the maximum price is quoted?

It is reported that when many people report the maximum price limit, the judicial disposal network platform of the Beijing property exchange will automatically determine the final buyer according to the unified setting conditions.

The condition of the unified setting is that the bidder who participates in the accumulative number of the accumulative number of shaking number of the Beijing passenger car index and control management information system becomes the final buyer; the number of the number of the number of the number of many bidders is the same, then the earliest bidder who has the earliest time of registration of the Beijing bus and passenger car index management information system is the ultimate buyer.

From the past bidding situation, people who participated in bidding were mostly to get the license plates. What if the license number is undesirable? According to the regulations, once the bidders compete successfully, they get the ownership of the vehicle and the car purchase index. They should apply to the Beijing car management institute to reapply the number plate, and the original number is no longer retained.

After the bidding, the buyer, in accordance with the requirements to meet the requirements of the completion of the transaction and other related procedures, holds the notice of the confirmation of the confirmation of the transfer registration of the Beijing municipal judicial disposal of small buses, which is jointly issued by the Beijing High Court and the index management organization, and transacts the registration procedures to the traffic management department of the public security organs during the period of validity.

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