Against England, the former Croatia woman president sent Teresa a Jersey.

Against England, the former Croatia woman president sent Teresa a Jersey.

Original title: Croatia female president before the game to send jerseys Trump and Aunt Mei one hand

Overseas network, July 12, Beijing time 12 hours in the morning, Croatia played in England in the world cup. Before the match, Kolinda Grabar - Gita Boris, the Croatia president, gave two red and white national team shirts to U. S. President Trump and British Prime Minister Teresa Mei, who participated in the NATO summit in Belgium.

Kolinda also shared her photo with Trump and Aunt Mei on twitter. On the screen, Trump received the No. 9 shirt of Croatia forward Kramaric (Andrej Kramaric) with the English name of "Trump" on the back, and Aunt May received the No. 10 shirt of captain Modri (Luka Modric) and her English name on the back.

The Croatia team, also known as the "grid corps," eliminated host Russia in the 1/4 finals of the world cup, and went to the top 4 of the world cup in 20 years. On the morning of 12, the "grid Legion" will compete with England for final tickets.

With the promotion of Croatia, their beauty president is no less concerned than the team itself. In particular, she also watched in person, and waved and danced when she scored, becoming the most eye-catching fan on the court. (overseas network / Liu Qiang)

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