After 4 years' struggle, he read his mother's book.

After 4 years' struggle, he read his mother's book.

Original title: 4 years of Li Zhen's life gambling with leukemia patients

Name: Li Zhen

Sex: Male

Native place: Hunan

Last year: 29 years old

Time of death: July 7, 2018

Identity: Students

Cause of death: Death

Fighting against leukemia for 4 years, Li Zhen walked very suddenly.

In July 6th, he was weaker in the sick bed. Because of lung infection, he has been coughing, can only speak word by word. Far from the sound of the decoration, he heard the truth, and said to his mother, "noisy." After a while, he said, "pain".

On the evening of 7, 7, my brother returned to the ward after dinner and found that his lips were white and he hurried to find the doctor. When the ECG monitor was mounted, Li Zhen had lost his heartbeat. He left in peace, "like sleeping."

Everything was too late to see her last boyfriend. She sent a picture of her in the circle of friends, a necklace sent by Li Zhen.

On the 9 day, according to Li Zhen's "low key handling of the funeral", the family cremated his remains in the funeral parlour of Tongzhou. The next day, they took Li Zhen's belongings to Tiananmen and Old Summer Palace, which he failed to realize in the past 4 years.

"I'm sorry, mom, I'm sick."

"Dear mother: This is my first time to write to you. It may be the last time. Some words can only be seen in this slightly stupid way. I'm sorry, mom! I'm sick and I'm still leukaemia. The harder it is, the happier I think, and I think the graduate students in the university can make you close to happiness, but the fact that my efforts have brought this home to this family is the only hardship and despair. Li Zhen (September 13, 2017)

Li Zhen had been fighting against the disease for three years when his "mother's letter" appeared in public view.

The diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (M2A) is the third day after receiving the notice of postgraduate admission. At that time, he lived in his cousin's home, ready to work in Guangzhou, but also familiar with the campus environment. But because of bone pain and repeated low fever, he went to the hospital for examination. "The examination result is like a prehistoric beast, which instantly swallowed up all my hopes." He wrote in his own statement.

In July 2014, Li Zhen went to Changsha for hospitalization; in September, he returned to the Yan Da Lu Daopei hospital in Yanjiao, Hebei; on New Year's day, on New Year's day, his brother provided bone marrow, Li Zhen succeeded in transplantation; in September, he returned to his dream college campus.

The school gave Li Zhen special care, arranged a single room, allowed to cook on the balcony, and the tutor offered a monthly subsidy. After his mother accompanied him, he liked to walk around the campus every day, then jogged a few laps on the football field next to the dorm, played basketball with the alumni, and often took his classmates to the dorm.

That was the most comfortable and comfortable time after Li Zhen's disease.

But it doesn't work well. When the winter vacation had not begun, he appeared to be different. In July 2016, during the school examination week, Li Zhen was admitted to Yan Da Lu Daopei hospital again because of lung infection.

The disease "makes the house broken." At least 4 thousand in hospital per day, up to 20 thousand at the highest level; the poor family was in debt, and his brother took out all his savings, once quit his job and took care of him. Li Zhen, a sturdy figure, shrank and weighed down. Because of severe infection and decreased immunity, he coughed and took two steps to become asthmatic.

The first season of "seeing the word is like face" is the time when Li Zhen made three rounds of life and death. He was lying in bed, and suddenly he said to his family, "I want to write a letter to the program group."

At the show, Li Zhen sat in the audience wearing a mask. In the reader's letter, his mother burst into tears. The letter finally wrote, "no mother is not a family. You have to take care of yourself for this family. As for me, let's try hard. I will not regret and complain, and you do not have to blame yourself. Life has every chance, and fate has its own path. If one day, the real thing can not be done, I hope you can understand that is only a natural law. "

"If a miracle has color"

"For so many years, I have become accustomed to all kinds of dislikes of you. I am so ugly that I am four or four stupid, stupid and stupid. I also remember what you said after my illness. I just don't trust you. So, whenever I feel bad, you will always be there when I am desperate. " Li Zhen (August 28, 2017)

Li Zhen and Xiang Hua are college classmates, from the first brothers of special railway to their lovers at graduation. After that, the two went together to take the postgraduate entrance examination. After experiencing the first failure, they joined the universities in Guangdong in second years.

After her boyfriend diagnosed leukemia, he never left China. She tried to raise money, build a love group, contact the foundation and the media. She was thought to be a cheater, and she was not concealed from her family's 15 thousand yuan tuition for her boyfriend.

In 2015, they raised 1 million 300 thousand yuan, "turn war" Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hebei, finished bone marrow transplantation, treatment of lung infection, a total of 1 million 990 thousand yuan. In September of that year, Li Zhen finally took the notice to South China Agricultural University to report to China and left a picture for him at the school gate.

Li Zhen in the letter count, at the end of 2014, I had a sudden fever in the porting cabin. I didn't say good night to you on that day. Second days, I knew you didn't sleep. In January 2015, I lost my bone marrow, and I should have cleaned it in the school. In November 2016, you got the first job into society and you had first job into society. And I was lying on the hospital bed again and signed a notice of danger. When I wake up, I find that you are all here!

Tanabata on 2017, Li Zhen sent a red envelope to China. Li Zhen wrote in his own statement, "I haven't met well for three years. I don't remember the last time when you went shopping with you, running with you and running."

He made a friend circle. "The last time I saw you was in the hospital. You looked at me in tears." After seeing to China, he commented: "if a miracle has color, it must be your smile."

The two of them also discussed seriously about where to go. And agreed that when Li Zhen was 29 years old, he would start a new life in China. By this year, Li Zhen began to urge her to "go to a blind date."

He wrote at the end of the letter, "you are rushing for life. I am gambling with my life. Our road has separated. I have no energy or ability to accompany you. Maybe we had a good love, but now it's not what I can give you anymore. Thank you for loving me. "

"No strong support, only can not"

"You once said that I am a cat, and a cat has nine lives. If there were only nine lives, I would have been defeated. I should have been led by you, in your hands! You don't loose hands, no one can take it. I have never been strong, nor have I really been strong. I just want to see more of you. I want to listen more to your nagging, and to see how you laugh and stay in your world. " Li Zhen (December 1, 2017)

In the eyes of the family, Li Zhen is the strongest.

After the transplant in 2016, Li Zhen had the most serious rejection: the skin was different from the head to the foot, the red dot became a block and the aging molting, and the pain could not walk the road; and the lung dissimilarity even spread to the bronchus; the oral dissimilarity made him eat a big problem, from 130 Jin to 70 Jin. But he is always black. "I am hungry, I am hungry, my body is skinned. I have no skin and no body is 22."

The left eye was completely blind and affected reading. Li Zhen began to sketch. He used only colored paintbrushes, from the original apple, to all kinds of small animals, and then to people. Nurses often tease him, "why do I only paint them, and draw one for me."

Mother Shu Xuelian remembered the portrait that Li Zhen had painted for her. It was all accompanied by her son's walk, and his hair was scattered in the air. She asked, "how do I paint my hair up?" Li Zhen replied with a smile, "you don't like the wind."

4 years of hard treatment, Li Zhen also wanted to give up.

He had a good relationship with his grandfather. Since he was ill, he only went home once in the new year, and the two men met for a short time. In November 2016, in order to collect expenses for treatment, the family sold the only old house left by grandpa, when grandpa died of illness.

Because the mother's education level is not high, in the past few years, all the treatments are Li Zhen's own docking with the hospital. At that time, the doctor diagnosed that Li Zhen's lung infection was blistering, the blood vessels were too brittle, and ordinary injection needles could not be inserted. He could not bear five thousand or six thousand of the cost, while he was hiding the gap between his mother and the family, he signed the sick letter from his family.

The next day, Li Zhen fell into a coma. Fortunately, the doctor rescued him in time and brought him back to reality. With the help of his relatives and friends, he continued his treatment in the hospital for the time being. "He wanders between abandonment and treatment, and does not want to drag his family down." Say to China.

In February of this year, Li Zhen suffered from severe lung infection and lung rejection again. The only way is dual lung transplantation, which costs 600 thousand yuan. The family has already been heavily indebted, but in desperation, Li Zhen launched the fundraising again. Unlike before, he actively forwarded it in his circle of friends every day, and wrote, "hope to live."

Until the end of the fundraising, it raised only 8.3 yuan. In the early May, his physical condition did not improve. He made a choice with his mother: returning to private hospitals in Yanjiao for conservative treatment.

In July 3rd, Li Zhen suffered from lung infection and died 4 days later.

"In fact, he wanted to give up at that time, but he kept on holding on until his brother came from Guangdong." Remembering to China, he suddenly whispered, "he is a hero."

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