"Block chain" becomes the banner of making money.

Source: the Beijing morning paper

Issuing money, involving pyramid schemes, talking about "chain love", taking advantage of scientific and technological concepts to conduct fraud.

The fashionable concept of technology has become a banner of wealth in some people's hands. Shenzhen police recently cracked a huge fraud case involving fraud in the name of block chain and virtual currency, involving more than 300 million yuan. Reporter survey found that the current block chain industry is very hot, a lot of speculators, even listed companies are "rubbing hot", investors need to shine their eyes, the industry needs to be genuine, return to the application.


The amount of money collecting fraud is over 300 million yuan

Reporters from the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Nanshan Branch learned that at the end of March this year, the local police detected a large fund collecting fraud case, thousands of investors were deceived 307 million yuan. In this case, the Shenzhen Pu silver district Chain Co., Ltd., which is involved in the case, is issuing a virtual currency in the mode of "block chain + Tibetan tea" to collect public deposits.

In June 2017, the police in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, reported to the masses that there were illegal fund-raising in Shenzhen Pu silver block chain Group Co., Ltd., and thousands of people bought the virtual currency "Pu'er currency" issued by the company successively (later renamed "universal silver") and then invested into bubbles. Nanshan police immediately set up a case group to launch an investigation.

The police in the investigation found that, through the Internet, social software and other platforms, the company announced that the "universal silver" issued by the company is a virtual currency with a mass of Tibetan tea as a mortgage. Every "silver coin" held by the investor has equivalent real possession of tea as a mortgage. The "ordinary silver coin" is traded on the virtual trading platform "poly coin net" to earn the difference.

However, the police investigation found that the change in the price of the sale was carried out behind the scenes by the company's investment funds, and once pulled the price of the "silver coin" from 0.5 yuan to 10 yuan, while the company illegally absorbed public funds through the "fun money network" P2P platform.

"In order to attract more investors, the company promised to pass the" silver coin "held by investors to two times to increase the value of the money held by investors 100 times, and to claim more tea as a support. Nanshan District Public Security Bureau police case said, in fact, the company has only a small amount of tea in stock. In order to deceive the public, the company hired "trader" to pull up the currency price in the early stage, so that investors could taste some sweetness. When a large number of investors come into the field, the company's malicious manipulation of the "silver coin" price trend continues to cash in, leading to investors in the hands of the "silver coin" is of no value.

In March 28th this year, Nanshan District police arrested 6 suspects such as Pan Moudong, Xiong Moulong and other suspects, and continued to pursue other suspects and recover the stolen money, in order to maximize the loss of the victims.

"Block chain" has also become part of the pyramid selling case. In April of this year, the Xi'an police cracked a huge pyramid scheme with the concept of "block chain", involving more than 8600 yuan. In some cases, the unlawfully developed members and downlines under the guise of "block chain", which not only causes property losses to the victims, but also has a negative impact on the research and application of the normal "block chain". This can be said to be the second trick of gathering money in a block chain.


Some listed companies talk about "chain love"

The reporter found that in some extreme cases, the block chain became the banner of fund-raising fraud and pyramid selling; and more often, the "hitchhiker" speculators used the fashionable concept to fish for the fish and rubbed the hot spots. This year, some listed companies disclosed the "flickering bulletin" of the block chain. "Chain love", investors need to shine their eyes.

In January 11th this year, the main business for the central and southern construction of real estate, announced their own and the block chain of the cross - boundary "chain of love", disclosure of a company's investment district chain project progress announcement. The "two winds" and "chain love" of industry quickly caused the regulatory authorities to be vigilant.

In January 15th, China and South China built a patch on the content of incomplete information disclosure, which added the proportion of investment, the progress of the project, the status of the industry and so on. In the supplementary announcement, the industrial application of block chain technology is at the primary stage, and its development is also affected by factors such as application scene, traditional concept, resources and further technology research and development, and there are significant uncertainties in the successful application of some industries.

At the same time, China South Construction supplementary announcement also said that the main business of the company is for real estate development. The investment in the block chain project is in the research and exploration stage, and it has not yet formed the income. It is expected that the 2018 year and the future period will not have a significant impact on the company's operating results and financial data.

Due to the untrue, inaccurate and incomplete violations of the information disclosure in central and southern China, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange subsequently sent a letter of supervision to the company and the company and all directors, supervisors and senior managers to learn lessons, strictly abide by the regulations of the relevant laws and regulations, and fulfill the information Cloak in a timely, true, accurate and complete manner. An obligation to prevent such events from happening.

The responsible person in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange reported that from last year to date, 30 companies in Shenzhen have disclosed information about the concept of the block chain, and the few listed companies have practical input, but the amount of investment is generally not high, and the rest of the listed companies have not made substantial progress in the early stage. The company's intention to speculated on the stock price by the hot spot concept is obvious.

Point of view

The industry needs to be used to return to the false, save the truth and return to the application

How much is the investment value of the block chain? Some people in the industry have kept a cautious attitude to distinguish between "chain circle" and "coin circle". Many "chain" entrepreneurs pay attention to the application and development of the block chain, while the "coin circle", if connected with the virtual currency, needs to be treated with caution.

In the application of "chain ring", Internet Co and financial institutions began to exert their strength. In the near future, Qianhai micro bank and Guangzhou Arbitration Commission jointly save the loan contract elements on the block chain. Once the loan overdue dispute appears, the arbitration organization can make the arbitration quickly and accurately according to the information stored in the block chain. In February 2018, the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission made the first arbitration decision on non-performing loans based on block chain.

"In the" currency circle ", there is a certain degree of bubble or even fund-raising fraud. Ceng Guang, the Secretary General of the Shenzhen Internet Financial Association, believes that the block chain technology can only play a certain degree of optimization for the existing trust mechanism, and whether it is irreplaceable is still to be observed.

According to experts, recently "block chain" of fraud cases frequently, illegal elements often take "investment virtual currency cycle short, high income, low risk" as the pretext, deceive users to trust and induce their transfer to invest. At the same time, they often hide the domain name and contact information of the website, so that the deceived person can not verify the qualification of the company, so credulous fraud routine.

Facing the potential fraud crisis, how can the public avoid being deceived? Zeng Guang suggested that, on one hand, we should objectively and rationally look at the value of the block chain, do not believe in the promise of "blowout", especially to avoid blind investment; on the other hand, when the investment projects related to "block chain" are not easily transferred to individual accounts, it is necessary to verify the information of the company through official channels in order to prevent it from falling into it. Invest in fraud. According to the Xinhua News Agency

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