The New Zealand government's first mention of China's threat to China policy is to "change its face"?

The New Zealand government's first mention of China's threat to China policy is to

Original title: New Zealand's China policy to "change face"?

According to New Zealand National Radio, New Zealand defense minister Ron Mark recently issued the 2018 strategic defense policy statement (hereinafter referred to as the statement), named "concern" of the South China Sea issue, and expressed concern about the growing impact of China in the Pacific region. This is the first time that the New Zealand government has rendered the "China threat" in its official report. New Zealand's "face to face" in China's policy towards China is noticeable.

The first mention of the "China threat"

"The government's views on China are completely transparent. We are friends, but there are some things that are not conducive to peace and stability, which may lead to misjudgement. " Ron Mark said.

This does not seem to be a sign for a friend.

The statement points out that China's pursuit of global influence and non - traditional security issues such as climate warming and terrorism are the source of pressure on the current international order, which has led to a change in the New Zealand strategic environment.

This is the first time that the New Zealand government has publicly rendered the "China threat".

China's use of various political and economic leverage to pursue national interests has exacerbated tensions with neighboring countries and the United States, the statement said. The statement expressed concern about China's island building and deployment of military facilities on Spratly Islands, saying that "the facilities on the island can help China move quickly on the key international waterway."

According to the New Zealand Herald in July 9th, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister Peters mentioned the "militarization" of the South China Sea in a foreign policy speech a few weeks ago, but it did not make a clear reference to China in accordance with the usual practice.

And now, the criticism has become straightforward. The New Zealand Herald said in July 10th that Peters said this change was not the difference between the Ministry of defense and the Ministry of foreign affairs, but the difference between the two governments. This means that the New Zealand policy toward China is changing.

Diversification of "face change" factors

"This is related to the overall situation of the region." Wang Xiaopeng, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a researcher at the China Marine Development Research Center, pointed out in an interview with this newspaper. "New Zealand and the United States are military alliances, and the United States has made great efforts to promote India's India strategy in recent years. As an important part of New Zealand, the United States has intensified its efforts and deepened its efforts. Strategic coordination with the United States is an important reason why the New Zealand Ministry of Defense issued this document.

On the other hand, it is pointed out that China's influence on the South Pacific island countries is increasing, and one of the major sources of aid in these countries, the "sense of existence" in New Zealand, has weakened. From 2006 to 2016, China invested $1 billion 800 million in 218 projects in Fiji and Vanuatu, according to the study by the Australian Institute of international policy of Chi - Chi.

"The New Zealand Herald" reported that Peters said, "the Pacific region has become a competitive strategic point. If we do not play, other forces will invade. "

In addition, the statement mentioned that "China does not fully accept the governance and values advocated by the traditional leaders of the international order". "China's views on human rights and freedom of information are in sharp contrast to New Zealand." Wang Xiaopeng believes that "New Zealand wears" colored glasses "to look at China's development and misunderstands and prejudices against China's normal development of maritime power.

The prospect is still optimistic

New Zealand has expressed its strategic doubts about China, but on the whole, caution and friendliness in its attitude towards China remain the keynote.

Wang Xiaopeng observed that people in New Zealand questioned the Ministry of Defense's statement on social media. The public thinks that the government's excessive concern about matters that are not related to its own country will offend China.

New Zealand's national radio station reported that Professor Robert Eisen, who was engaged in strategic research at University of Victoria, was surprised by the bold stance of the government. "The document clearly shows that the New Zealand government is worried about China's intention to change the international order in the Asia Pacific region. This may make China difficult to accept. "

Wang Xiaopeng pointed out that the New Zealand military is preparing the "China threat" argument. "New Zealand's Ministry of defence exaggerated the threat of China, to some extent, to get more money and political capital for itself, and New Zealand did not have the ability to intervene in the South China Sea."

New Zealand statistics show that in 2018, China surpassed Australia to become the largest trading partner of New Zealand. At present, the two countries are closely negotiating to promote the upgrading of the Sino Singapore Free Trade Agreement, which came into force in 2008. "This will play a huge role in boosting the economic development of New Zealand. The prospects for the Sino - new relationship are still optimistic. " Wang Xiaopeng said.

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