Cai Qi came to the highest village in Beijing: let the remote villages be left behind.

Cai Qi came to the highest village in Beijing: let the remote villages be left behind.

Original title: Cai Qi came to the highest altitude village in Beijing: let the remote villages be left behind

Source: Beijing daily

In July 10th, party secretary Cai Qi spent a whole day in the investigation and study of Qingshui Town, Mentougou district. He stressed that in order to carry out the important directive spirit of the general secretary of Xi Jinping to implement the strategy of rural revitalization, to firmly establish and practice green hills and green hills is the development concept of Jinshan Yinshan, and to "see the mountain people", to hold the "golden rice bowl", to protect the green mountains and to build the most beautiful countryside in the capital.

Early in the morning, Cai Qi drove 3 hours to the highest village in Beijing, 129 kilometers away from the city center and 1440 meters above sea level, the river village of Qingshui Town, Mentougou district. This is his third trip to Mentougou in this year.

Cai Qi went to the Hulin Inn in the ancient village at random. The owner Pan Qiuxia was preparing lunch. The fire on the kitchen stove is booming, the stew of the stew in the pot is steaming. When it was heard that the inn was paid about one hundred thousand yuan last year, Cai Qi said that the construction of the beautiful countryside was inseparable from the participation of the villagers, and the masses benefited.

At the altitude of more than 1500 meters in Qingshui Town, Tien Mun Mizoguchi platform, Cai Qi inspected the ecological restoration of Lingshan, the highest peak in Beijing.

Looking far ahead, the vegetation is luxuriant and the beautiful scenery of alpine meadows is coming. The head of Qingshui town said that in the past, too much development and destruction of the ecosystem had led to the closure of scenic spots and the rest of the mountains in 2016.

Cai Qi exhorted that the name of Qingshui town contained "green water and green hills". Protecting green hills and green hills is for the benefit of the people. Green development is the way to enrich the people. Lingshan is one of the signs of Beijing's ecological environment, and it must be well protected.

Then, Cai Qi went into the river village in the rain. Zhao Xin, a peasant farmer in "de Ying Zhong", said that in order to protect vegetation from horse breeding, Cai Qi praised villagers for their good sense of ecological protection.

In the village committee, Cai Qi faces the accurate poverty alleviation map on the wall, one household and one household accounts for the "help and help the accounts". He said that the help is a popular account, and the village cadres should lead the villagers to increase the ecological income.

In the family of low income farmers, Yan Mingyi's family and villagers Zhang Yongxiang, Cai Qi told them to pay attention to their health, and to account for the village cadres to take care of low income farmers and rural elderly.

Cai Qi again came to the village health room, knowing that Zhou Yongheng, a 67 year old village doctor, has served the villagers for half a century, and Cai Qi thanked the elderly for their adherence to the village doctor.

In the old Zhou family's farmhouse restaurant, Cai Qi met a group of students who came to Lingshan to participate in the practice of popular science. He encouraged the students to start from themselves and protect the ecological environment.

Cai Qi also came to the government service center of Qingshui town to see the staff, to understand the situation of the masses, to tell everyone, the flood season, the sound of the rain is the whistle, do a good job of safe flood work.

Subsequently, Cai Qi in Qingshui town and district town village cadres, to listen to the district town two to report on the construction of beautiful villages and other situation, and with the 10 village branch secretaries present interactive communication, four level Secretary to talk with the ecological civilization, conspired with green development.

Cai Qi pointed out

Good ecological environment is the biggest advantage of mountain areas, and also the hope and outlet for the revitalization of mountain villages. To treat the ecological environment like life, to protect the ecological environment like the protection of the eyes, to co-ordinate the management of the system of mountains and rivers, lakes and grass, to protect the green mountains and green mountains, to benefit the farmers from it, and to avoid the loss of the people who protect the ecological environment.

Cai Qi's request

Combined with the implementation of special action for the construction of beautiful countryside, the village development plan is prepared scientifically, the rural infrastructure and public service short board are made up, and the rural human settlement environment is continuously improved. We must adhere to moderate development and sustainable development to achieve a win-win situation of eco-environmental protection and rural tourism. The measures to help low-income farmers should be implemented, and education and medical assistance should be strengthened to ensure that there is no less.

Cai Qi's request

Mentougou district should take the lead in carrying out the banner of ecological civilization, adhere to the green development and ecological prosperity, and draw a picture of green hills and green hills in the west of Beijing. We must maintain strategic strength, control the intensity of development, and further transform the ecological advantages into development advantages. Qingshui town should be a good leader in environmental protection and beautiful countryside construction. To promote party construction to lead "street and Township whistle, Department report" work, to grasp the team and Party members of the grass-roots party organizations in rural areas, care and care for grass-roots cadres in rural areas, to solve the problem of service to the masses and to implement the last kilometre. Party members and cadres at all levels should go to the remote mountain villages to visit and investigate, help the grass-roots people to do practical things, and not let the remote villages be left behind.

City leaders Wei Xiaodong, Cui Shuqiang, Lu Yan together research.

Writing: Chen Tao of Qi Meng Zhu

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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