British media: China's 2 055 ships can launch various uses of missile super beauty cruisers.

British media: China's 2 055 ships can launch various uses of missile super beauty cruisers.

Original title: British media: China's 2 055 ton destroyers launched a single ship with 100 vertical units.

According to the 12 Daily News Network of July, according to the British Jane's Defence Weekly website in July 3rd, China Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. launched 2 ship type destroyers at the same time in July 3rd, reflecting the rapid construction of the new warship in China.

The first 055 destroyers were launched in Jiangnan Shipyard in June 2017 and second were launched in April 2018, the report said.

Reported that the 055 destroyer is the largest destroyer built for the PLA Navy. The 055 destroyer employs integrated mast and has installed a large number of newly designed radar equipment.

Reported that the 2 destroyers captain 180 meters, 20 meters wide, will be equipped with more than 100 vertical launch units in the future. These general-purpose launchers are expected to be loaded with ship to air missiles, long-range anti-ship cruise missiles, ground to air cruise missiles and anti submarine missiles carrying torpedo.

The report quoted Chinese media as earlier reported that the drainage of the 055 destroyers was 10000 tons, but the full load of drainage was likely to be greater, between 12000 and 13000 tons. Although the 055 destroyer is smaller in size than the US Navy's Cham Walter destroyer, it is much larger than the US Navy's class de corderod cruiser.

According to reports, the number of planned destroyers for the 055 destroyers has not yet been announced. The 2 destroyers launched 055 days ago were built in Dalian. The new destroyer 055 destroyer is likely to start trial later this year. (compiling / Wu Mei)

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