Trump called Germany a "captive" of Russia, and Merkel responded.

Trump called Germany a

Original title: Trump called Germany a "captive" of Russia, and Merkel responded.

[global network reporter Li Huiling] President Trump said at the NATO summit that Germany is Russia's "captive" and has been completely controlled by Russia. Merkel responded to this.

The Associated Press said in its 11 daily report July that Merkel said every decision made by Germany was "independent".

Trump: Germany is Russia's "captive".

Trump also said: "Germany has become a Russian prisoner because they have obtained a large amount of energy from Russia and paid billions of dollars, and we have to defend Germany against Russia."

NATO summit was held from 11 to 12 in Brussels. US President Trump arrived in Brussels, Belgium on 10 local time, and embark on a 7 day trip to Europe. On the eve of the summit, Trump issued a number of tweet bombardment NATO allies on the 9 and 10 days of the summit, reiterated that the United States has the most spending on NATO's military expenditure and the EU's "unfair" trade to the United States.

German Deutsche Zeitung reported that Trump's Twitter seemed to herald a new crisis. Many people worry that the NATO summit will be a "reversion" of the G7 Summit: Trump rejected a final statement at the NATO summit and then met with Russian President Putin. Bloomberg News 10 reported that Trump is smashing the world order and reshaping his interests in the United States.

According to China new network, before the start of the departure, Trump said in an interview that the summit had three tasks: "I want to talk to NATO and talk to the UK - they are now in turmoil, and I have to talk to Putin." Trump's trip to Europe included an official visit to Britain and a meeting with Russian President Putin in addition to the NATO summit.

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