The little girl saw the girl friend say "don't turn on the lights."

The little girl saw the girl friend say

Original title: Hangzhou boys see female net friend, the other side says don't turn on the lights! He stretched out his hand... Hastened to escape

Well, it's embarrassing to say it.

Otherwise, why would Xiao Li, a police officer, say that he was stumbling?

He made an appointment with a "beautiful woman". At first, he felt a beautiful hair and elegant skirt, but later he let him go away.

In the early morning of July 6th, Xiao Li called the police station in Jincheng police station of Ling'an public security branch of Hangzhou to call the police. In fact, he was very excited. He said he was cheated 200 yuan, and now others are at a certain intersection.

Xiao Li, 29, works in Ling'an and works in a foot bath shop. Young man's education level is not high, plus excitement, words stumbling, but arrived at the scene of the police still managed to figure out the clue.

This morning, Xiao Li and friends eat night, through the WeChat "nearby people" added a "beauty", two people talk very well, "beauty" to meet him, two people are about to meet in the "beauty" room. "Beauty" also asked for 200 yuan, Xiao Li agreed to change money through WeChat.

Full of expectations came to the "beauty" room, Xiao Li entered the door, the lights in the room all closed, "beauty" in a quiet voice said: "the lights do not open, I will be shy."

At first, Xiao Li touched the beauty of a beautiful hair and elegant dress, and then in the further development with the "beauty", Xiao Li accidentally touched the arm of "beautiful woman" - strong and powerful, obvious muscle lines! What the hell? It is obviously the arm of the adult man.

Xiao Li shivered with fear. He pushed aside the beauty and jumped out of the door.

When the police found "beauty" Guo in rental housing, Guo shouted loudly. He said, "we are all willing to accept your feelings, and I have not compelled each other."

The policeman asked, "why do you chat with Xiao Li with the head of a beautiful woman?"

Guo lowered his head. "If I use my head, he will not talk to me."

Well, the story ends here. The final result is: Guo's behavior has constituted fraud. Xiao Li's behavior has constituted a prostitute.

In view of Xiao Li's initiative to report the case and state the facts, he was given a fine of 200 yuan in accordance with the law, and he was sentenced to 6 days in administrative detention.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News / Zhejiang 24 hour reporter Bao Yafei

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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