After China broke this big news, Trump was silent and jealous of India.

After China broke this big news, Trump was silent and jealous of India.

Original title: after the great news of China, Trump was "silent" and India was "jealous".

Reference News Network reported on July 11th (text / Rui Si Ke) the United States appeared another "defector".

This time it is Tesla, and its destination is Shanghai, China.

Yesterday (10), the president of the US auto company ttesla and CEO arrived in Shanghai. In the afternoon, Tesla signed an agreement with the Shanghai municipal government to build a super factory in Shanghai port area to build research, manufacture, sales and other functions.

This is June 22, 2012, at Tesla factory in Fremont, California, where robot arms assemble auto parts.

The factory, which is expected to be built around 500 thousand vehicles around 2020, will not only be the first super factory outside the United States, but will also be the largest foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai.

On the day of the signing of the agreement, Tesla shares rose.

But while the market is optimistic about Tesla's decision, some people are beginning to feel complicated.

"Made in America" followed by "defection".

Do you remember what the style of Trump's Twitter was when he was "defecting" made by Halley Davidson half a month ago?

At that time, Harley was just announcing the relocation of the factories exporting European products to the overseas, and the angry Trump sent several papers to criticize, accuse and threaten Harley's behavior.

But this time, in the face of Musk's choice, Trump, who had always "ruled the country" with Twitter, kept "silent" rarely. Last night, he sent 8 tweets and did not mention ttesla.


On the one hand is Trump's "Aphasia", while Tesla has no accident to occupy the "bustle" of the major media outlets in the United States.

"With the escalation of the trade war launched by Trump, Tesla announced the opening of its first overseas factory in China." The American Newsweek 10 reported.

Screenshots of Newsweek

It is clear that, although Tesla's construction in China is not temporary, but in the context of Trump's launch of trade war to the world, American media has more space for association and interpretation.

Tesla follows Harley Davidson to set up factories overseas to avoid high tariffs caused by escalating trade disputes. Bloomberg said in the report.

The report said that, as a result of the tariff escalation caused by trade war, for Tesla, a heavily lost quarter in the first quarter, setting up a factory in China could ease the current plight of the soaring selling price.

Bloomberg News Report

The previous day, Tesla just announced that the two models were raised by 20% in the Chinese market, which the Reuters called "the first American carmaker to take action against trade frictions". At that time, Reuters warned: "other car manufacturers may follow suit or transfer most of their production to China."

As expected, Tesla announced that it would build factories in China on the second day.

Despite speculation, the New York stock market on Tuesday proved that the market is optimistic about the future of Tesla.

Tesla's shares rose 1.24% in trading on Tuesday's New York stock market and even rose nearly 3% in intraday trading.

CNBC website directly pointed out that Tesla announced that the establishment of factories in China is the direct reason for the rising share price.

India media and netizens keep calling musk: why not choose us?

A report on the 10 day of the Eurasian times website is accidentally referring to another Asian country when there is an outside world speculation about what the choice of Tesla meant to China and the United States.

"Tesla ignored India and signed an agreement with China." The article is a headline, pointing out the complex emotions of India.

A screenshot of the Eurasian times website

In fact, after Mask's news of building a factory in China passed to India, India netizens began to call on Mask constantly, "questioning" why he did not choose India.

The India media also feel frustrated.

"This decision is rather disappointing." India DNA website said in a report yesterday.

But the article also does not forget to continue optimistic expectation: Tesla has gone to China, and is not far away from India.


In fact, this is not the first time Tesla has become a public topic in India.

In August last year, a question entitled "why did you decide to stay in India for another year?" In the report, Forbes described the "fanaticism" of India to musk in detail: India e-commerce giant and the largest auto maker are the number one fans of musk, and the Prime Minister of India, Modi, has shown interest in Tesla, while the India Ministry of communications has already selected the factory for Tesla in its port area...

Unfortunately, this "fanaticism" did not eventually allow musk to choose India.

In some printing media, the choice was not surprising, as early as a month ago with a India net friend, Mask had made a hint on twitter.

"We are happy to go to India. Unfortunately, some of the provisions of the India government are very challenging." Mask said.

Musk twitter screenshot

To this end, the India economic times also wrote: "India has been pursuing the Tesla company, wanting to build a factory here, but the billionaire, musk, is not yielding to it." At least not yet... "

According to the report, although modi asserts that India "has abolished more than 1400 old laws that hinder operations", India, the third largest economy in Asia, is still not the first choice for foreign investors.

"Although India is very enthusiastic about Tesla, Tesla chooses China instead of India because China's manufacturing and purchasing power is far beyond India, and China's industrial policy is conducive to the development of Tesla." Zhang Youwen, President of Shanghai World Economic Association, said to Xiao Rui.

Expert: China's more open investment environment is attracting more "Tesla".

So, why is it China?

In Zhang Youwen's view, when Trump called on the manufacturing industry to "return" and launch a trade war, Tesla still insisted on setting up a factory overseas, which was very attractive to the Chinese market.

Zhang Yansheng, chief researcher of the China International Economic Exchange Center, also believes that some American companies, including Tesla and Halley Davis, "do not listen to Trump" because for them, "come to the Chinese market and die from the Chinese market."

When high tariffs become a huge obstacle, "escaping" is, to some extent, an inevitable choice.

On social networking sites in the United States, netizens also point to Trump's claim to protect "made in the United States" and actually give jobs to China.

"Trump pursued trade protectionism and hoped that American enterprises such as Halley, apple and Intel would return to the US, but the enterprises were very realistic. For them, the most important thing is to survive in the fierce global competition. Zhang Yansheng said, "especially when they find out who the trade wars will eventually swing to."

One side is constantly conservative trade protection, the other is open door, who is more attractive and clear.

"With the improvement of China's market and business environment and investment environment, I believe that foreign investment in China will usher in the second spring." Zhang Yansheng said.

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