3 days in the construction of Shenzhen metro, 7 cables were dug up and the main pipeline was dug up.

3 days in the construction of Shenzhen metro, 7 cables were dug up and the main pipeline was dug up.

Original title: Shenzhen subway construction 3 days to dig 7 cables and dug the main water supply pipeline.

Guo Qi reporter Guo Qi reported: since the subway in the construction of three days in the construction of seven cables, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau on July 5th, 7, Shenzhen subway "barbarous subway construction is to let the cable channels all broken?" A week later, the Shenzhen subway construction unit dug up the main water supply pipe in Buji. On the 10 day, Shenzhen Buji water supply Co., Ltd. pushed out an emergency water supply notice that the main pipeline of water supply of Buji water supply Co., Ltd. was dug and detonated by subway line ten, causing users to stop water.

The barbarous construction of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, micro-blog

July 5th afternoon, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. official micro-blog @ Shenzhen power supply issued micro-blog said, "Ming and Ming wrote" there are high voltage cables are strictly forbidden excavation, "you dug, you dug, but also dug 3... Bagualing Ping On Mansion, Sheng Shipengcheng, City stadium, stadium charging station and so on 5000 households and power millet jointly accused of brutal construction.

In the evening of July 7th, the Shenzhen power supply bureau again made the barbarous construction of the micro-blog subway station. It said "3 cables were cut off in July 5th, and 4 cables were cut off this afternoon. Users in Shenzhen, Shangguang, Dongfang Xintiandi, Television Building, Construction Bank building and so on.

In addition, Shenzhen power supply bureau also to Shenzhen Metro Group official micro-blog @ Shenzhen subway group called: "this problem does not pay attention to rectification, tomorrow your home near the cable may be dug up." After that, the bureau announced that "after emergency treatment, all the affected customers are now fully recovered."

It is understood that the first cable was dug up in the afternoon of July 5th, located in the Shenzhen subway line six near the Bagualing station, three cables were dug up; second occurred in July 7th afternoon, located in the Gangxia North subway construction site, four cables were dug.

The subway apologized for another week to dig up the pipe

In the early morning of July 8th, the Shenzhen Metro announced micro-blog: at about 6:30 in the afternoon of July 7th, in the construction site of the Gangxia North subway, the cable was cut off because of the operation error of the workers in the construction unit.

After the incident, the subway group attaches great importance to the organization of the construction units to repair and repair, at the same time, the use of standby power supply, as far as possible to reduce the impact of power supply units to the minimum.

Micro-blog, who apologized, had not yet been released for a week, and the main water supply pipeline in Buji was dug up by the subway construction unit. On the 10 day, Shenzhen Buji water supply Co., Ltd. pushed out an emergency stop water notice. The subway line No. ten, Ping Ji Avenue Li Lang station, has dug and exploded the main water supply pipe of the DN1000 water supply company of Buji water supply Co., Ltd. (cement water supply), causing the users to stop water along the street of the South Bay Street, the city of friendship food, the group of Zhao Chi, the upper and lower Li Lang community and so on.

Water consumption of affected users has been restored

On the afternoon of 11, the reporter called the Buji water supply hotline. Staff said, at present, there are already water supply vehicles to the water supply area for the residents of water supply, the company is trying to organize repair, is expected to resume water supply at 7 o'clock on the evening of 11.

The seven cables that had been broken up by the subway construction unit were not repaired yet. Shenzhen power supply bureau accepts Yangcheng Evening News reporter's interview, said that now has repaired five, anticipated 13 days can repair all. At present, there are two lines of Gangxia and Bagualing that have not been repaired. The new cable needs to be ordered, and no problem can be changed after testing.

On the afternoon of 11 July, the reporter saw the subway construction site between the Eight Diagrams two road and the Eight Diagrams three roads, and the power supply repair workers were installing new cables to the ground floor. A responsible person at the scene of the rush repair said he could install another one today.

For users who are affected by the incident, the person in charge said: "it has been transferred to the affected users, so it is normal now."

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Shenzhen City Committee held the city's underground pipeline external damage accident scene warning Conference

Will be seriously disposed of after the event

Li Xiaoxu, a reporter for gold and sheep network news: in view of the subway construction in Shenzhen caused by underground power pipelines caused by the destruction of the underground power pipeline, Shenzhen Municipal Commission in the city has recently held the city's underground pipeline external force damage accident scene warning meeting, required to strengthen pre control, supervision and serious disposal after the event.

At noon of July 11th, the Shenzhen City Committee of the Commission on information issued a message on the official website that the Fukuda Power Supply Bureau informed the recent two subway construction caused by underground power pipeline external force damage. Shenzhen city protection office made a demonstration that the subway group of the project construction unit, the two bureau of the railway construction unit, the Shenzhen Metro Office of the comprehensive coordination unit of the subway construction and the Construction Bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Construction Bureau of the construction department have made speeches in combination with their respective responsibilities. After the meeting, the relevant units traveled to Gangxia North subway construction site to check the underground pipeline external force damage accident scene.

The meeting requires that all units should improve the awareness of the importance and urgency of the protection of underground power pipelines, at the same time, we should improve the awareness of the overall situation and the political stations, carry out the regulation of safety hidden dangers in accordance with the law, strengthen the safety supervision and control measures, and strengthen the pre control, supervision and serious disposal after the event. We should carry out the responsibility and make clear the division of labor.

Source: gold and sheep net

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