My youngest theater class general has been re appointed to fly the fighter plane over Tiananmen.

My youngest theater class general has been re appointed to fly the fighter plane over Tiananmen.

Original title: the youngest theater class general, again heavy responsibility

Source: political affairs News

In July 11th, media reports reported that Chang Ding, formerly the deputy commander of the war zone in the south, had served in the headquarters of the Military Commission and served as deputy chief of staff of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the Central Military Commission.

According to public information, Chang Ding is a native of Hengyang, Hunan. He was born in 1967 and is currently the youngest active duty theater officer.

He joined the army in 1984. He served as the air force commander, air force air regiment and the third division of Air Force fighter aviation.

At the end of 2011, Chang Ding was asked to be assistant to the chief of staff of the air force and promoted to Deputy military rank. On the eve of August 1, 2012, he was promoted to the rank of major general of the air force when he was 45 years old. At the end of 2013, Chang Ding sought to take over the chief of staff of the air force of the former Shenyang military region and became the youngest officer in the air force at that time.

In 2015, "93 military parade", Chang Ding's fighter -10A fighter plane flew through Tiananmen for review. He was also the youngest general of the 56 general's commanders at that time.

"For me," he said in an interview with "News" (WeChat ID:zsenews), "for me, we have to do my best to get the task done and take the team. From another point of view, this is the mission of my generation. The Chinese people's Liberation Army has a tradition of daring to shout "look at me." This is especially true in the air force. In the past, when the head of the group met all kinds of high - risk and high risk tasks, it must be the leader of the division, so we are both leading cadres and combatants.

After the military reform, in 2016, Chang Ding was appointed deputy commander of the war zone in the South and became the youngest serving duty officer in the war zone.

"The political News" noticed that in June, when he received an interview, he evaluated the war zone that he had just set up at the time: "the theater is a 'little boy'. Now he looks at the weak bones, but it has a natural fighting gene, which makes him grow up, and will be bigger than a girl in the future!" We have to be patient and more confident. "

In addition, at the end of last year's nineteen meetings, Chang Ding was asked to be elected alternate member of the Central Committee.

The Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission was founded in January 2016, mainly performing operational planning, command and control and operational command support, research on military strategy and military demand, organization of operational capability assessment, organization and guidance of joint training, combat readiness and daily combat readiness.

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