Corruption in traffic enforcement in Harbin: 251 people were reported to have committed suicide by traffic Commissioner

Corruption in traffic enforcement in Harbin: 251 people were reported to have committed suicide by traffic Commissioner

Original title: Harbin traffic law enforcement "collapse mode" corruption: 251 public officers were investigated, the former traffic Commissioner suicide

Source: China Newsweek

From "black car" to "black police"

Journalist / Wang Quanbao

"The traffic police detachment of the city council has 13 traffic police battalions. Among them, 12 were the key officers who were investigated by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and suspected of acting as an umbrella. This case is a painful lesson. We are in the process of rectification now. " A head of the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau, who did not want to be named, admitted to the China News Weekly that they are under great pressure.

The question he referred to was the corruption case of the Harbin traffic police system, which was recently investigated by the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision commission. In June 25th, the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission informed 122 leading cadres and public officials of the "crazy truck" as a "protective umbrella" case. Of the 122 public officials, 108 came from the public security system, of whom 100 were police officers.

Two days later, in June 27th, the public security organ of Harbin held a warning education conference. At the meeting, the head of the Harbin Public Security Bureau said that it would carry out a comprehensive management of the team style, the police, the quality of the law enforcement, the police and the police station, and the police collusion with the "black intermediary". The Harbin Public Security Bureau will take the annual "6. 27" as the overall "warning education day".

On the same day, the Harbin Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Secretary of the municipal discipline Commission and the director of the Municipal Supervision Committee Liu Xingdong also said at the warning education conference that the "crazy Van" and "umbrella protection" problem seriously disrupted the social order. The case involved a wide range of bad nature and painful.

According to China News Weekly, the traffic corruption case involving traffic police is not isolated. As early as November 2017, the Harbin municipal discipline Commission and the Supervision Bureau have reported and investigated and investigated 129 party members and cadres and staff members of the traffic and transportation departments for illegal operating taxis as "umbrella protection" cases.

In one year, the city of Harbin has investigated and dealt with two cases involving the leading cadres and public officials of the traffic police system, and the number of public officials involved in the case, which is rare. In these two cases, the personnel involved in the case have "clear division of labor, marked price and mutual protection". The law enforcement departments of the state have been reduced to "business field", and the degree of corruption of "systematic and collapse" is startling.

"Black car" cross

The source of the case should be traced back to more than a year ago.

In January 4, 2017, it was the middle of the winter. The thirty-third China Harbin International Ice and snow festival was held. As an important cultural event in Harbin, ice and snow festival attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country and even overseas.

However, when so many tourists rush to Harbin, they find it very difficult to travel. There are few taxis on the street. Where are all the taxis?

A taxi driver told China News Weekly that on January 4th, in the WeChat group of some taxi drivers in Harbin, there was a "rest for the last few days, and we don't get out of the car" WeChat.

After seeing this WeChat, many taxi drivers were "heart conscious". "We're all out of the car. In some sections, you can't see a taxi at all. In some places, taxi drivers don't even pull them when they see a taxi. The taxi driver recalls that.

Some taxis "collective rest" temporarily caused traffic failure. In the freezing weather, tourists and citizens complained about the inconvenience of travel to government departments through various channels.

The rental company also realized the problem and ordered the taxi drivers of our company to go to the sections near the "ice and snow world" scenic spot.

Why do taxi drivers in Harbin choose to strike at this time?

"There are too many black cars in Harbin, so at the opening of the ice and Snow Festival, the whole city of Harbin will not do the taxi, and the government is required to control the black car." A taxi driver, who was involved in the "collective rest", told China News Weekly, "the direct reason for the rest is to protest against a large number of unlicensed black cars on the market in Harbin and the high amount of money. As we all know, there are a lot of black cars running openly in many places such as railway stations, scenic spots, airports and so on, while the traffic supervision department has turned a blind eye to them.

The driver also said that the taxi drivers believed that the "supervised cadres received black money, so they chose to ignore this problem".

The "collective rest" protests became more and more intense and finally attracted the attention of relevant departments in Heilongjiang province.

Soon, the Harbin city discipline committee, the Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Transportation Bureau formed a joint investigation group to investigate and deal with the illegal operation of taxis, and began to rectify the taxi industry.

The initial rectifying work lasted for 20 days. In January 25, 2017, the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau issued a circular on severely investigating and dealing with illegal operating taxi vehicles and handling related personnel. The bulletin showed that as of January 24, 2017, a total of 124 illegal business vehicles were seized and 39 persons involved were investigated. Among them, 3 persons were suspected of administrative detention, 3 were criminal detention, and 8 were public officers.

At the same time, the report also published four cases, one of which described: from June 2015 to November 2015, Zhang Mou used a set of cards and fake cabs to engage in illegal operations. Nangang police station, the police station of the Nangang Public Security Bureau, not only helped to make the illegal business revenue and expenditure books, but also used his own police personnel as a police officer to find out the illegal operation of the taxi, and to the police power brigade Chen Dianmao, Zhang Xiaoguang, police Zhang Limin of the traffic police in Nangang, and the traffic police Taiping. The team police Gao Zhaosheng, the co - Police Qin Yan, the 6 law enforcement officials, such as Song Jun, the police of the traffic police, took bribes, asked for illegal operating taxis and acted as illegal taxi "protection umbrellas".

According to the relevant person in charge of the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Supervision, the fake taxis and "black cars" appeared in the streets of Harbin, which began roughly in 2005. In 2007, there were masses of people reflecting the purchase of scrapped vehicles and operation in different areas. By 2015 and 2016, the phenomenon of "black car" reached its peak, and hundreds of black taxis went through the streets in daylight, disrupting the entire taxi industry and causing passengers to suffer.

How black is the illegal taxis in Harbin? The discipline inspection department summed up three crimes: one is the natural price, and sometimes even dozens of times as high as the normal price; the two is the lack of security, most black cars are false license plates, the problems often run away, can not find the owner at all; and three, some black car drivers are guilty of injure passengers, extortion, extortion, robbery, sex. Invasion and other events have occurred frequently.

Black car gangs in Harbin usually have unified signs, such as a red apple in the middle, or "no smoking" in the face of the car. The law enforcement officers who have been bribed will be pretending to be invisible when they see these signs.

Because of the large and small umbrella behind these black cars, the problem of black cars in Harbin has become more and more rampant in recent years. "Originally saw the regular taxi still dodging away, afterwards is blatantly carries on rob the guest." The Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection told the China News Weekly.

Heilongjiang Long Yun modern transportation Co., Ltd. is the largest taxi company in Harbin, with more than 1700 vehicles. In the past few years, when the business was good, the taxi drivers of the company earned five thousand or six thousand yuan a month. However, the monthly income of taxi drivers has dropped to three thousand or four thousand yuan due to the flooding of "black cars".

As a result, the dissatisfaction of the taxi drivers finally reached a peak. They used the ice festival to create a "collective rest" event to express their demands.

"6. 26" project unit

Behind the unscrupulous "black car" is the environmental problem of rule by law that has been criticized. In recent years, "investment in Shanhaiguan" is often mentioned. The environment of the rule of law and business environment in the northeast is very bad, which has become an important factor that restricts the revitalization of the northeast.

The three provinces in Northeast China have made repeated statements, determined to overcome their ills. In April 2017, Zhang Qingwei, the Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, said, "we should make great efforts to solve the problem of insufficient capacity, lack of power and lack of lack of power."

Under the transmission, Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, "rectifying the style of work and optimizing the environment" has become the primary task of the leadership of the municipal government of Harbin municipal municipal government.

"The problem of the style of work is inseparable with the environmental problems. The problems of the style of style displayed on the cadres and staff are the environmental problems encountered by the common people, the clerk and the investors." To some extent, this issue has become an important factor that restricts Harbin's development and influences Harbin's foreign investment. " The Harbin Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision has written to a piece of information provided by China News Weekly.

The relevant people of the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Supervision and commission told China News Weekly that the main leaders of Harbin city put forward that in the first half of 2017, it was an important task to deal with illegal operating vehicles and investigate the "umbrella" in the first half of 2017. To this end, Harbin launched a special rectification action, "insist on checking the car, grabbing people, digging out umbrellas, the net environment, all involved personnel must be dealt with seriously."

In June 26, 2017, the "6 26" special case group, which was formed by the Harbin municipal discipline Commission and the Supervision Bureau and the public security, procuratorial and transportation departments and departments, was formally established. The task was to combat illegal operating vehicles and to strictly check the "umbrella" behind.

After a month's thorough investigation, the task force has grasped some clues of illegal operation of the black car and transferred it to the public security organ.

In the past month, the ad hoc group quietly scattered the net, and at the same time, the net was closed. At 4 a.m. on July 27, 2017, more than 1200 policemen joined forces to carry out the arresting operation. All the black car gang leaders and black car drivers were arrested.

Since then, the discipline inspectors will be hiding behind the "black car". Large and small "umbrellas" have been dug out.

Li Mingshi and others changed the facts of the law and reduced the number of traffic violation cases by more than 900, resulting in an economic loss of more than 70 yuan.

According to the case group, from the beginning of 2013 to the investigation of the case group, there were 6447 local downline taxis in Harbin (that is, vehicles that have been turned into non operating vehicles) and 5080 downline taxis. As the industry management department, the Harbin taxi management department is not supervised, and the special signs such as the taxi shed lights are not forced to be removed, which provide the opportunity for the illegal operation, which makes the real and false taxis difficult to distinguish. In addition, the 10 taxi electronic operating certificate identifier, which is equipped by the administration office, has not been used normally for many years, which directly affects the illegal operation of "black car".

Two thousand and seventeen

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