Do American destroyers really go around Taiwan? Experts: or typhoon hide

Do American destroyers really go around Taiwan? Experts: or typhoon hide

Original title: truth: has the US destroyer "circled Taiwan island"?

The US ship is going to provoke China by crossing the Straits. It is not very meaningful to continue to circle the island after crossing the Strait.

US Navy Destroyer "Ben Ford" and "Mastin" passed the Taiwan Strait from 7 to 8, and said that it was only a U. S. ship from the South China Sea through the South China Sea through the Taiwan Strait to the East China Sea. The action of the US Navy caused strong concern outside.

And soon after the situation just calmed down, the Chinese Internet appeared on the Internet as "the US military is also around the Taiwan Strait." The warship's re entry into the South China Sea after crossing the Taiwan Strait has aroused renewed concern. Has the US warships actually circled the island and returned to the South China Sea again?

According to the article, the US Navy official website said that the "Mastin" destroyer in the South China Sea was replenished at sea on July 9th. The article said, in July 7th, the "Mastin" and "Ben Ford" destroyer across the Taiwan Strait north, after two days later, the "Mastin" appeared in the South China Sea. The article argues that if it did not return along the Taiwan Strait, it would mean that the US destroyer had been bypassing Taiwan island to enter the South China Sea. The US Navy has returned to the South China Sea for two days. The US carrier has been regarded as the backbone of the Taiwan media but has not reported that the US ship is passing through the Strait of Taiwan again.

After looking up the U. S. Navy's official website, ID:huanqiu-com found that the "evidence" on the Internet was a group of photos released by the US Army on 9 days. It did write that the "Mastin" destroyer was recharging the sea in the South China Sea, but the 9 day of the tagging should be the time for the US Army to release the photo, and there was no clear picture on the day. The reporter also consulted the official website of United States Naval Academy, which regularly announces the distribution map of the US Navy and Marine Corps in the global sea area. In the distribution map released in July 9th, there was no mention of the specific location of two US destroyers crossing the Strait of Taiwan before.

Li Jie, a Chinese military expert, said in an interview with ID:huanqiu-com on 11 days that if the time for the picture description was time instead of shooting time, it was not sure whether the ship had completed the so-called "winding island" and returned to the South China Sea again.

Judging from time, is there enough time to reach the South China Sea 9 days after crossing the Strait? Li Jie thinks that it is possible to judge from distance and ship speed, but it doesn't make much sense to do so, because the American ship is to provoke the Chinese continent by crossing the Strait. It is not so much fun to go around the island after crossing the Strait. The field reaches another sea area, performs a series of exercises, and then goes to another sea area.

However, Li Jie also believes that, as the super typhoon "Maria" has just landed in Taiwan and the coastal areas of the mainland, it can not be excluded from the possibility that the US ship is forced to "round the island" in order to avoid the typhoon and go to the South China Sea to avoid it.

Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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