In the 27 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China, the population of 4 million has entered the World Cup finals.

In the 27 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China, the population of 4 million has entered the World Cup finals.

Original title: 27 years after the founding of the people's Republic of China, with a population of 4 million, this small country has written the history of the World Cup finals.

It 's coming home, it' s coming home,

It 's coming, football' s coming home!

(it wants to go home, football is really going home!)

In the past month, almost everyone in England has been singing this melody. "Bei Sao" Vitoria post "complain", Beckham repeatedly humming, let her be brainwashed.

The "football home" was originally the theme song of the 1996 European Cup in England, and later became the cry of England fans in every competition.

However, this England team's "Happy football" ended abruptly this morning. The World Cup did not return to the birthplace of football in England this time. What broke their dreams is the familiar old rival, Croatia.

In the 2008 European Cup qualifier, England missed Croatia in the key battle and missed the European Cup. The image of Mcclaren, a manager, leisurely and carefree with an umbrella and drinking tea on the sidelines, was scolded by the British press for "useless in the rain".

And for Croatia, which was not good before this morning, they created an amazing record: apart from the 1930 "ancient" Uruguay, the population of 4 million 170 thousand of Croatia was the least populated in the World Cup finals.

Croatia declared independence in 1991. In 1995, it really ended the war and entered a period of peace building.

In this short period of 27 years, Croatia football has gone through the whole course from glory to low and then resurgence. Their tenacious fighting perseverance and wonderful communication and cooperation have given the fans all over the world too many wonderful moments.

"The grid corps" reverses the victory

At 2 a.m. Beijing time on July 12th, England played the semi-final against Croatia at the Ludi Nicky stadium in Moscow.

The opening fifth minutes, England has a dream start, Trippier right foot free kick direct shot, the ball over the wall straight to the corner of the ball, Subhash Chi, Croatia, England.

Sixty-eighth minutes, the right foot of the right road in the former field, the right foot of the ball in the ball, Perisic robbed Walker's head before flying to the left foot kick the equaliser, Croatia 1-1 England.

Regular time, Croatia 1-1 draw England, two teams entered overtime.

109th minutes, Croatia ahead of the left road, Walker header is not a distance, Perisic header into the forbidden area, Man Giulia Kikki front left foot push into the far corner of the net, Croatia 2-1 England.

The final whistle, Croatia 2-1 reversal of England finals, this is the first time in Croatia history to enter the World Cup finals.

It is worth mentioning that the overall age of the large Croatia team of 120 minutes of three consecutive elimination matches, but the young England team has not been running down obviously in the downwind, the fans are admired.

The "Magic Flute" is expected to break the Messi C monopoly

Referring to the "grid Legion" of Croatia, many Chinese fans will first think of the "golden generation" led by Suk in 1998.

"The left foot will play the violin" Dave Suk and the former Yugoslavia football genius Prosinecki, leading the Croatia team to eliminate the "Germanic chariot", to win the World Cup season. The red and white checked shirt also captured many Chinese fans' eyes overnight.

However, 20 generations later, the group with strong fighting effectiveness was united in the heart of Modri.

Luca Modri, a famous young man, was called "Magic Flute" by Chinese fans. As the world's top midfielder, "Magic Flute" has exquisite footwork and wide vision, and the passing organization is full of imagination and appreciation.

With his career mainly for two white robes from Tottenham and Real Madrid, with a fluttering blonde and good-looking beauty, his image of "white clothes" captured countless fans.

In the elimination of host Russian competition, Modri completed 3 shots, 8 times, 2 shovel, the success rate of 87%, the highest 9.2 score.

In Croatia's 3-0 win over Argentina, Modri shot far into the world.

As a three year old veteran, Modri played 360 minutes in 10 days. In the second half of the overtime match against Russia, Modri won the applause at the cost of physical strength.

In the eyes of many soccer players, Modri is the underrated contemporary top midfielder. And if Croatia won the final, many experts preferred that Modric could win the golden ball award, breaking Messi's and C Ronaldo's 9 year monopoly on the player's highest honor.

Croatia teammate Luo Fu Lan said,

"Unfortunately, we are just a modest little country. If Modri was a German or Hispanic, he would have won the Golden Globe Award."

Redknapp, a football player in England, also believes that Modri is the best midfielder in the world.

England wins the future

Despite the regret of the young England team, their performance has exceeded expectations. The last time England scored the World Cup semi-finals was in the summer of Italy in 1990, and England's last win was a distant memory 52 years ago.

What is even more frightening is that the young talents in England emerge in endlessly, and the future is limitless. The next one or two world cups may be their achievement.

All these changes are based on a big investment from the FA.

After the 2010 World Cup was eliminated by the German team, an elite football team, named EPPP, was set up by the British Football League and the clubs, the Football League representatives and the British football. The goal was to develop the next generation of excellent local players.

The football association has spent 103 million pounds to build the England national football center St Georges Park training base. The base has 11 outdoor training courses (5 of which are equipped with lighting and geothermal systems), an indoor artificial turf training site and a large medical recovery center. In this way, England's young talents can enjoy top training and medical conditions.

In 2016, Southgate led the England U21 youth team to win the Toulon cup, which attracted the attention of the FA and then won the England.

In 2017, England's "young lions" won the U17 and U20 World Cup continuously, and the technical standards of young players shocked the traditional football powers.

The England team, who returned home earlier this time, did not have to be sad for too long. The young people still had a bright future.

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