Just to urge the allies to complete the military expenditure, Trump also opened the lion:

Just to urge the allies to complete the military expenditure, Trump also opened the lion:

Overseas network, July 12, local time 11, the NATO summit was held in Belgium, and US President Trump arrived. At the summit, Trump not only cled to the issue of military spending but also doubled the cost of his allies to 4% of GPD. The voice has just fallen and the allies are stunned. English media: no one is more direct than him.

According to current standards, NATO allies agree to spend 2% of their own GDP on NATO's military expenditure every year before 2024, but only 5 of the many allies have achieved their goals.

According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC), NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg says NATO countries have cut down their defense budget in the end of the cold war for decades, but now the situation is warming up again, and it needs to increase its budget.

Stoltenberg also said that the focus of all allies at the moment is how to make military spending reach the GDP2% standard, "the good news is that we are now trying to achieve this goal."

However, Trump suddenly threw 4% figures, or let his allies be caught off guard. Sarah Sanders, a White House spokesman, confirmed Trump's comments on the 4% military charge 11 days, and again said: "Trump wants to see the allies to make efforts to this end, at least to the minimum standard of their commitment."

British media joked that former U.S. presidents have urged Europe to take more responsibility for military spending and reduce pressure on American taxpayers, but no one has ever been so direct to Trump.

It is understood that the most annoying of Trump's military charge is that, in addition to a few member states, other countries have not increased their defense budget to achieve the target of at least GDP2% by 2024.

Of the 29 NATO countries, only 5 countries achieved their goals in 2018, including Greece, Estonia, Britain and Latvia, in addition to the United States itself. Military spending in Poland and France still lingers outside their targets. (compiling / overseas network Li Meng)

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Trump will take part in the NATO summit to bombard his allies and will visit Britain for the first time.

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