Jiangxi men WeChat group abused the martyrdom cadres and clamored for traitors to be arrested for 6 days.

Jiangxi men WeChat group abused the martyrdom cadres and clamored for traitors to be arrested for 6 days.

Original title: WeChat group abused the anti flood martyrdom cadres and said "willing to be traitors", Jiangxi man arrested for 6 days

In the afternoon of July 6th, the cadres of Li Wei, Dongxiang District, Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, in the flood prevention and rescue work, the agricultural tractors were turned into the torrent, and the life was determined to be 41 years old.

The news spread everywhere, and the local cadres and masses and the netizens all sighed and lament.

The map is WeChat public figure of Jiangxi politics and law.

However, when everyone is immersed in grief, there is a "leapfrog clown" coming out, in the WeChat group mouth out of the evil words, openly insulting the martyrdom cadres, but also clamoring for "the desire to be a traitor", resulting in bad social impact.

His remarks on the Internet soon aroused indignation among netizens, and netizens reported to the public security organs. Dongxiang District Public Security Bureau received a report, the rapid development of the investigation, police on the same day subpoenaed the name of the net name "universal renewal" of the illegal suspect, Yue Mou on its online publication of illegal statements confessed.

The prince of politics and law learned from the police in Dongxiang that Yue was dismantled and resentful of discontent and resentment by the relevant departments of his own violation of the law. After criticism and education by the police, Le Mou regretted his wrong words and deeds and said he was being punished by the police. At present, Le Mou has been detained by police for 6 days on suspicion of provocation and trouble.

Just a few days ago, the political and Law Commission informed the netizens of Nanchang that they had handled the case of humiliating police statements. After repeated occurrence of such a similar case, the parties will not repent unless they are punished by law.

The network and the illegal outside of the land, but there are always some people in the test of the law, the moral bottom line, on the Internet to show, to win favor, to vent private indignation, they lack the "rule of law" in their mind, or even the basic dignity of the Chinese people, this is how sad, abominable, hated, and poor!

Finally, the king of politics and law would like to say that the law of the People's Republic of China heroic martyrs Protection Act was implemented in May 1st this year, so that the protectors of heroic martyrs can be protected by law and can be protected by law. Heroes and martyrs protect us. We must protect heroic martyrs according to law.  

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